Mechanical Timer DSLR TimeLapse

YouTube member dalecampbellextras shows that a large mechanical kitchen timer can rotate more than just a small GoPro camera. Here he's showing use with a Canon DSLR and the timer still seems to rotate pretty well. I notice that in the video, there's talk about Center of Balance. If you've already picked up a Macro Rail Slider this could help center the weight. These mechanical timers are great for DIY panning rigs, but with a bit of string i'm guessing it can pull a camera across the Konova slider (no batteries required). [Thanks Dale]

Dale has some links to the products through his YouTube video, for eBay and Amazon the closest thing I could find similar would be the Large Kitchen Timers.
Screen shot 2011-02-05 at 11.23.51 PM
find-price-button Large Mechanical Kitchen Timer

The traditional Egg Timer has always been used as a Panning Rig, but curious if anyone has taken that Rotisserie motor and used it for this same purpose?

2 thoughts on “Mechanical Timer DSLR TimeLapse

  1. wow thats very similar!
    Only issue I can see will be the weight with a DSLR + lens I specifically had to mount the actual camera off centre or the strain on the timer would have been to much.
    But that would be great with an offset added.

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