Egg Timer and Rotisserie = Timelapse Motion

Egg timer, Rotisserie, and a GoPro HD Camera. It's not a riddle, but that's what Vimeo member Tony Rodriguez used as the recipe for making this DIY Motion Controlled Panning Timelapse rig. Not the first time i've seen a GoPro on a simple Egg Timer, but this I believe is the first time i've seen it put onto a Motion Controlled Slider. The whole setup is a Go Pro 960 mounted on an egg timer and a homemade dolly (igus slider) and using a Battery Rotisserie Grill Motor that moves 2.5 RPM (revolutions per minute). A few images of the rig (below), but if you need more information you can holla at Tony here:




Checked around eBay and this might the same battery operated motor being used. Very clever use of this motor, and i'm sure this will drum up new DIY ideas to use this in other projects:
find-price-button Rotisserie Battery Powered Grill Motor

12 thoughts on “Egg Timer and Rotisserie = Timelapse Motion

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  2. mark

    @Emm.. ok, thanks.. I couldn't tell that in the video.. it looked like all the shots were taken from a single (rotating) point

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - The camera is taking pictures every few seconds. The rotisserie motor is dragging the camera across a slider, so POV is different for every photo.

  4. mark

    Not sure I understand why the egg timer AND rotisserie.. ?? all you're doing is spinning the camera around on an axis, right? isn't it redundant to have the rotating egg timer on top of a rotating rotisserie?

  5. The disco ball motor was one of my first thought and certainly is the cheapest, at the end decided to use the Rotisserie because I felt it was easier to mount to the igus slider, and looks cool.

  6. A cheaper alternative to the Rotisserie might be a disco ball motor; looking on ebay they range in speed from 2-6 RPM, most running from a single AA battery.

  7. Serge

    Tommy runs the cinemacuteo also know as
    Awesome dude. Will write him and see if he can get a DIY video going.

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