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Vimeo member Rod Guajardo puts up a simple one light test with the Yongnuo 135. I know some people have been asking for a real skin tone example of how this light performs. As far as coverage of light, it does a good job for a talking head interview type shot. Would be great to see one more light as a fill, and maybe one for a rim light in this type of setup. I think it could work considering these are about half the price of a Z96.

So not sure if it's my eyes, or of it's my screen, but do you think there's hint of green? It could be quite possible as green is a common cast from LED lighting. Even on the popular 126 and 500 LED light panels, people have been finding that adding a 1/8 minus green gel seems to balance it out perfectly. Not sure if that's the case in this video, but i'll see if I can grab some gels and experiment with mine. [Thanks Rod]

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 9.14.48 AM
find-price-button 1/8 Minus Green Color Gels

find-price-button Yongnuo 135 Dimmable LED Video Light