WF717 Standard 3/8″ Mount Video Fluid Head

I guess the WF717 Fluid Head Standard 3/8" Mount was out of stock for a few months. The 3/8" standard mount (not bowl mount) is what is used for tripods with the extendable center column (neck). It might not be the most fluid head available, but the low price and the fact that it's made mostly of metal makes it very popular for use on top of Sliders and Table Dollies. It can also carry a decent amount of weight and is used to support small small Jibs / Cranes, or under Sliders.

The WF717 standard 3/8" mount is Available via Amazon (Click Here)

wf717 fluid head
find-price-button WF717 Fluid Head Standard (not Bowl) 3/8" Base Mount

And also available via eBay (Click Here).

wf717 fluid head standard not bowl
find-price-button WF717 Fluid Head Standard (not Bowl) 3/8" Base Mount

6 thoughts on “WF717 Standard 3/8″ Mount Video Fluid Head

  1. Sean W

    HI, I too am looking for this but a version with more weight capacity. Like the FC-03 head, but all I find are the Bowl version and not the standard 3/8 that I would like. Found the FC-370A setup, but then that is the Bowl version and I don't necessarily need the sticks either. Of course the Fancier site doesn't show anything but the Bowl heads for any of this stuff either, so do they exist?
    Where do you look to find that? I have tried the usual google, ebay amazon.

  2. pixcanfly

    Can someone enlighten me about tripod load weight for using with a jib.

    Say the jib plus camera plus counterweight totals 22lbs.

    My tripod leg is rated at 50lbs and my video head is only rated at 10lbs. So can I use this setup for my jib? When using a jib, does the video head needs to match the jib pound for pound?

  3. Noel

    Has anyone tried this with a glideshot 4ft jib? I plan to use it with a canon 5d Mk2 and sigma 24-70mm lens. Can it carry my setup .thanks

  4. Neil

    Hi Emm, I have a friend who's selling a mint Manfrotto 501HDV for $150 which I'm planning on using on a Konova K5 slider. Would the 717AH be a better option other than saving me $40 or so? Is the 501HDV too heavy for a slider application? Also, some reviews have said the pan on it is a little hit and miss. Thanks in advance.

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