Varizoom’s New Little FlowPod

Steadicam has a smoothee, Cinevate once showed something for an iPhone about a year ago, Lensse has an iPhone version as well, but can be adapted to the GoPro. Somehow every company is finding a way to market tiny stabilizers for iPhones, Flip Cameras, and all types of point and shoots.

Olivia gets a demo from Tom McKay - President of Varizoom showing a regular FlowPod, as well as their new lightweight version. Now in the end of the video he throws out pricing, but when I was at NAB, I want to say that the smaller version was only around $150 dollars. That means it would be a bit cheaper than Steadicam's Smoothee as well as being a lot more functional.

I'll have to contact Varizoom to find out if the pricing he mentions was for the larger version that supports the GH2, because anything over $150 bucks seems a bit pricey. BTW, if you've followed Olivia's Vimeo profile she finally has her cast (broken wrist) taken off. Hilarious stuff... This was also a highlight from Episode 4 from her Myx-Rated Television show which is shot almost completely on Canon DSLR's.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Reuel - Between the two, I say go BlackBird. I don't want to go into ratings or side by side comparisons too much because most of what you see is definitely 'User Technique'.

    There's more ways to balance the BlackBird for fine tuning. It really all depends on camera weight + stabilizer size + price you want to spend. I have several stabilizers because I hate to travel with more than I need and always pack to a minimum. If I know I'll be doing very short pieces, I bring out my lightest stabilizer and go hand held (very tiring on the arms). If I know i'll be doing work all day, I'll bring out a vest system.

    The Glidecam HD series stuff has all the fine tuning knobs and the Blackbird has fine tuning as well. Both can later be used with some type of vest system. The blackbird can carry very light to heavy cameras, the Glidecam you'll need to decide which one to get depending on weight.

  2. Reuel


    You're killing me. I'm looking to get started in some "light" steadicam stuff, and simple imovie or final cut editing.

    PLEASE, help me with a SOLID beginner steadicam. You're site is great for everything BUT rankings/comparisons.

    You had me sold on the blackbird....Now this!

    Essentially I just dont even know how to compare "stabilizing quality" from sample video, because I don't know if I should attribute better stabilized video to user technique or the stabilizer itself. Help me here.


  3. Emm

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    @Bill - Olivia has done extreme sports inlcuding skydiving several times. She would love to add a segment to her show if you can set that up. Email me.

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