Asian American TV Show Adopts Canon DSLR’s


If you're wondering how accepted DSLR's are for Broadcast Television, here's something interesting to share about another network converting over. Myx TV's recently aired show 'Myx-Rated' is shot almost completely on Canon DSLR's using ONLY Canon Lenses. Olivia Speranza is one of the show's host along with Bay Area comedian Joey Guila. The station has actually been using DSLR's for several years on many of their shows, but have now almost completely moved from the bigger cameras like the Sony EX1. There are a few T2i's and 60D's, but mainly shot on Canon 7D and Canon 5D Mark II's. They're even using them outside of the studio environment, which is more typically shot on ENG style cameras like the EX1. I'm hearing that more than 95% of the footage on the Myx-Rated show is being shot on Canon DSLR's and other shows will follow.

UFC Fighter Mark Munoz


Episode 1 via YouTube

About the Show: Primetime pops with MYX TV’s newly launched show, MYX-Rated! MYX-Rated is your one source for everything Asian and everything awesome from trendsetters to the hottest undiscovered talent. Catch the show on Thursdays, 10PM eastern and 7PM pacific.

Some of the content in the Episode (above) might not make sense, don't worry - it's directed to an Asian audience. Though many of you might not be familiar with this Television station, over seas they are one of the largest asian networks under ABS-CBN International. Myx TV is their small channel broadcasted here in the U.S. In the Episode 1 video, you can see all the DSLR's being used. It's interesting to see some of the workflow Pros and Cons to switching to just DSLRs, so I'm trying to schedule an interview with the Producer, Camera Operators, and Editors to go over some basic 'DSLR related' workflow questions. For now I've had the opportunity to see a bit of the behind the scenes in their Redwood City, CA studio and they often accept members of the public to come in during their live taping 'recordings'. If you're interested in sitting in during one of their shows, leave a comment and i'll inquire about a formal way of going about it.

19 thoughts on “Asian American TV Show Adopts Canon DSLR’s

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  2. Garrick

    Cool ive worked in their studio before.. super nice guys over their at ABS CBN.. Nice write up.

  3. I think the overall appeal (for me at least) of a DSLR is its portability. Its really convenient to carry and is capable of capturing great video. The only caveat: limitations of length you can capture video IMHO. But new tech comes out all the time, so that issue may soon be remedied completely.

    At any rate. Olivia is hot! I just wish they went Nikon lol

  4. anon


    I know you did a write up on this but I cant find where to purchase it.......


    where can I buy this slider?

    and is the igus 1040 better

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Bill - Thanks Bill, yeah i'm trying to get a sit down interview with the crew (and hopefully Olivia too) just to talk shop and get more insight. Might be interesting for people to see why it's all going that route.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Vlad_Box - There's always pros and cons, but it's not like they don't have access to big ENG cameras. There's got to be a reason why they want more DSLRs over the more expensive cameras.

  7. Vlad_Box

    I really dont understand why would anyone use DSLR's for this kind of stuff. But hey its a free planet. Great site anyway. Thanks

  8. paul

    We just had a Comedy Central spec pilot in our building, and it was being shot on a couple of 5D's. Very exciting!

  9. @emm

    Cool sounds good me and my friends are starting to pick up a number of DSLR's might jump in our studio at work one day and shoot a random show just to see how it works but without real time vision mixing and without an easy way for the director to see all the cameras i not not sure we would use this everyday.


  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Bernie H. - Yes it is like MTV, and is bigger than MTV in some over seas countries.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - Soon i'll have something after a little interview video. From what I know they have as many camera operators as they do cameras to make sure it's always recording. There's also overlap so a few cameras start, and then a few more cameras start after. It's only a 30 minute show.

  12. Hi Emm,

    I remember Myx when I was still in the Philippines. I used to watch some local bands with their music videos. It's more of like an MTV format back there. Great stuff!

  13. Hay i would love to put more DSLR's in our studio but you carnt vision mix them and you have to hit record every 12 minuets thats got to make editing so difficult.

    Just wondering if you have any more information about how they use these cameras as studio cameras?

    We use Sony DSR 570's with Studio backs there older but do the job in studio.


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