Upgraded CAME-MINI2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer from CAMETV

A few months ago CAME-TV designed the CAME-MINI 3-Axis gimbal, which was a great compact Alexmos based stabilizer but was a bit tedious if you had to rebalance for different setups.

Recently they've released an upgraded version of this Mini Gimbal that now includes a quick release system (to dismount your camera), an easily removable top handle, and tool-less adjustments on the Pitch, Roll, and Yaw. Here's a thorough overview video of the new CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 Gimbal.

The new CAME-MINI2 is still offered with a support frame that runs across the front of the camera, but I personally don't know if this is totally necessary. By removing the frame, I think you'll find the system easier to balance if you are using small lenses. If you are using a GH4 + 12-35mm, the front frame can remain on the system without interfering.

Many will try to compare this new MINI2 to the DJI Ronin-M Gimbal. Don't get me wrong, the Ronin-M is a great gimbal, and people should consider purchasing one if you have a decent sized camera setup, but it's still bigger and heavier than the MINI2.

DJI Ronin-M Gimbal CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 Gimbal

For reference the original DJI Ronin was more than twice the size and more than twice the weight of the CAMETV 7800, which makes the new DJI Ronin-M about the same size as the CAMETV 7800. So referencing the beginning of the video, you could see how the new CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 would still be about half the size of Ronin-M, making it still easier to pack and travel with or a great option with those who have extremely small setups (LX100, RX10, RX100, etc).

cametv 3 axis gimbal stabilizer gh4 a7rII gimbal cametv came-mini2 rx100 iv gimbal rx10II gimbal

Keep in mind that the CAME-MINI2 is still using the same BasecamElectronics control board, and SBGC Software for tuning. The same equipment many other gimbals on the market are using. What is provided to you is most likely a generic profile that should accommodate most small camera setups (and it seems to work very well). Of course if you really want the best results, or if you want to be proficient at troubleshooting these systems, you should really take the time to learn and understand the tuning process.

came-tv came-mini2 gimbal came mini gimbal cametv mini gimbal mini2 gimbal
find-price-button CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 (v2 Tool-Less) 3-Axis Mini Gimbal Stabilizer

64 thoughts on “Upgraded CAME-MINI2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer from CAMETV

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - No I don't suggest using DSLRs with the mini. You might want to go with something a bit larger.

  2. Anthony

    I'm with Luke on this one, is either of the came mini series able to handle small entry level DSLRs?

    Just the body and probably an 18-55 kit lens?

  3. Luke

    Do you think the CAME Mini 2 would be able to handle a Canon T3i or T5i with their standard lenses? It would be nice if their website had the load specifications.

  4. Alex

    I really wish they would make it possible for users to place the monitor right above the camera like you can on the letus helix jr. Main things I dislike on the letus though are the price and the handles dont let you fit your fingers for a full bicycle grip.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - You don't want to mount anything to the gimbal frame itself as you need to balance that, and you want to keep things under the weight limit. You would have to find a way to clamp off the top horizontal bar, or the top handle so that you don't affect the camera balance.

  6. Dennis

    Hello Emm,

    I was thinking about getting the Came-TV Mini 2 and the Sony A7Rii or A7Sii. Is one able to use that combination and an external monitor/recorder (Atomos Ninja Assassin or Video Devices Pix-E5)? I was wondering if there is enough room to use a cable to connect the camera and monitor/recorder when used with the Came-TV Mini 2.


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Alexei - Loosen the clamp and rotate it a little. There's a point where you can still do inverted mode. httpss://cheesycam.com/came-mini2-gimbal-update-with-roll-motor-protection-clamp/

  8. Hello Emm,

    just got myself the new Came Mini 2... but the new update of Came made the inverted mode completely useless, cause they added a blocker to the rotate axis, and I just can not turn the gimbal with the cam completely to enter the invert mode.. any options for this??? 🙁
    "July 3rd 2015:
    We have designed and added a new Stop Ring on the Roll Motor that will prevent the Roll motor from over rotating which may cause internal wires to tangle."

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Premini - I used the key that came in the kit. I don't know, but I was able to take mine out.

  10. Premini

    Emm, could you show the key you used for removing the fron frame, it is very tight in my unit and i cant remove it.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - Yes it can deliver very smooth movement, but it is still based on camera and lens. This gimbal will perform great when used properly, and will not perform well if you try to stuff a camera + lens adapter + and big canon lens on it. It has a limitation and so long as you stay under that limit it will perform as intended. You also need to educate yourself with some of the software features if you want to fine tune it specifically for your setup.

  12. Chris

    Hi. I was wondering if you generally like this gimbal stabilizer? Does it meet your expectations in delivering creamy smooth movement and ease of use? Do you feel another gimbal performs better? Thank you.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Brando - I can weigh mine later today. The system is nice and the top bar comes off for storage. The side handles too.

  14. Brando

    I am a documentary GH4 shooter and trying to stick to all light weight run & gun gear. I'm about to purchase either the Came Mini 2 gimbal or the Came Single 3 Axis pistol grip gimbal. I like the light weight pistol grip design of the Came Single which will allow me to mount it on a monopod when but the inability to invert the gimbal is definitely a drawback so I am leaning toward the Came mini 2, but the Came-TV website doesn't list the weight of the mini 2...

    Does anyone know the weight of the CAME MINI 2?

    or its official load capacity?

    It seems that the whole appeal of this gimbal is its lightweight advantage...So i'm a little confused why this is not mentioned anywhere...


  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Sebastian - Yes you can run an HDMI cable to the GH4 if using a lens larger than a pancake. If you use a pancake lens you have to push the camera forward too much and the HDMI may not clear. If you use a larger lens like a 12-35mm, then the camera has to sit backwards when balancing which gives room for an HDMI.

  16. Hi Emm,

    thanks for all the great advice here! May I ask two questions, please?

    1) Would the Came Mini work with a Shogun attached somewhere? So can the Shogun be mounted and would the cable from the GH4 to the Shogun affect the gimbal? (You see that I am a gimbal noob)

    2) I found another interesting piece called the Moza Lite. Any pros/cons compared to Came?

    Thanks again!

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan - Both will work, but you'll run into limits depending on the lens setup you choose. If you're the kind of guy that uses a metabones speedbooster with the GH4 then neither one of these gimbals would be good for that setup. If you plan on using lenses around the weight of the 12-35, then both will work. The SINGLE would be the smaller of the two.

  18. For the GH4 would you recommend the MINI2 or the CAME Single. I'm looking for a the smallest / lightest possible setup without sacrificing any usability.


  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - batteries last about an hour and a half. The handles will come apart when you're traveling but the system does not work without the handles attached since the batteries are stored on the top bar. Don't forget about the new CAME-SINGLE that is coming out soon as well that's a great small stabilizer now using encoders with each motor. They say that these batteries will last up to 10 hours in the gimbal because of the encoders efficiency. It's even smaller than the MINI2.

  20. Chris

    Hi Emm,

    Great video!

    Around how long do fully charged batteries last on this? I have the 7800 with GH4 12-35mm and love it but a bit too big for adventure shoots where I have to get to tough places. So thinking the mini 2 will be perfect. Do the handle bars detach completely kind of like the Ronin M for comparability purposes.


  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Renato Campos - That's pretty close to the 12-35mm weight, so I believe it should work. The 7800 has much stronger motors though, so if you want to get aggressive with your setup, the 7800 will perform better.

  22. Ryan G

    @Bob - Thanks for the recommendation! I hadn't thought about using that lens. I've been looking at picking up the Sony FE 28mm f/2 lens, but the OSS from the 10-18 would be nice too...

  23. Hi, Emm.

    I bought and use a Came 7800 with GH4 and Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 and probably I will change for Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8, but I am interested to change my gimbal for a Came-Mini. What do you think? Is that a good trade? Have this two gimbal similar performance? Sorry for my English and thanks for your help.

  24. Bob

    Ryan G - although I haven't tried this gimbal, I would think a great lens to use with the A7s and this would be the Sony 10-18mm f4 - you get OSS, autofocus and use it in APS-c mode on the A7s and you're at 15-27mm FF equivilant and you'll decrease the rolling shutter besides. That lens is *very* light.

  25. Wilson

    Hey Emm,

    I recently bought a Ronin-M and can't seem to get it perfectly balanced on the roll axis. I'm using a 6D + Sigma 35mm f/1.4. I can get the tilt axis correctly balanced where it will stay in any position however whenever I try to put the camera in a roll it will just level itself out. From my understanding from a glidecam this is an issue with the vertical axis, but I can't seem to get it to a point where the roll AND tilt will stay on its own position.

    My procedure for balancing was:

    1. Rough tilt to start.
    2. Fixed the roll left to right.
    3. Put the camera facing the ceiling and got the camera to stay there.
    4. Re-adjusted the forward and back so the camera stays parallel to the floor.

    What am I doing wrong? wondering if you had any issues with this?


  26. Phil

    I might of missed it, but is this latest mini2 setup to be aerial friendly (i.e. mounting options without handles, access to controller for RC RX mounting, etc?

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Zee - Weight and physical size of the frame. I don't know what the official weight supported is, but setups around 2 lbs should be good.

  28. Zee

    Hey Emm,

    Thanks for taking the time to do the videos! Just a quick question.

    I know someone asked this earlier, but what's the reason you can't add a QR plate system on to this? Is it due to weight limitations, or there's just no physical way to rig a Manfrotto 577 QR system on to it?

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan G - Honestly I haven't found a good lens for the A7s for the mini gimbal. If you are going to use a bigger gimbal like the big Ronin, then something around the 16-35mm range is a great wide lens with not much distortion. For the MINI2 gimbal, I still prefer my GH4 with Rokinon fisheye (defished), but on the A7s the large sensor and shallow depth of field makes the images softer in low light. I have to keep experimenting.

  30. Emm

    Post author

    @Ronn - In the video I explain why I removed the front frame. It's because my lens was too lightweight and did not have enough 'weight in the front'. If you are using a larger or heavier lens, then you would slide the whole camera backwards and the frame would not be in the way. If you are going to use anything heavier than what i'm using, then I suggest keeping the frame on so that it may add some stability.

  31. Ronn

    Wondering why you had to remove the front frame to move camera forward but in the demo video you did that is on their website, you did not (with what appears to be the same lens)? Did I miss something?

  32. Ryan G

    Hey Emm,

    What's the best lens lens combo to use when flying the a7S? Do you know the weight limit on this gimbal?

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Curtis - If it goes off balance with a fast move, then it's most likely not balanced properly. Most people forget to balance the YAW properly. Outside of balancing, you have PID tuning and this is all based on how heavy (or light) your camera setup is. Another big problem is that people are overloading these mini gimbals. For some reason they think it's the same as the Ronin-M when in reality it's probably closer to the Nebula 4000.

  34. Emm

    Post author

    @seenamatic - Balancing is all tool-less between both gimbals. The MINI2 uses Alexmos to Tune, and the Ronin-M is the same process as the Ronin with their own iOS software.

  35. Arno

    Apostolos, don't buy anything with "fire" in it : complete rubbish, they can be sold for 3000 but only 700mAh ! Buy Samsung ICR18650 or Sanyo, you can find from 5$ each.

  36. Curtis

    Hi Emm,
    I'm actually deciding between this gimbal and the moza lite. I watched a review of the previous came-mini and the reviewer said it worked alright until any fat movement like running. Then the came mini gimbal would do an awful job keeping the camera balanced. Are you going to be posting any footage shot on the came mini?

  37. How would you compare the Ronin M and the Mini 2 as far as setup/calibration goes ?
    I've heard nothing but great things about the autocalibration of the Ronin, regardless of the camera/lens, whereas it's not clear to me how the Mini2 performs (have read some awful stories about Came's gimbals).
    I understand you're endorsed by Came, so I don't know if you can speak unbiased on this, but if not, you can always mail me at [email protected].
    Thanks a lot for all of your hard work and videos.

  38. Sebastian Jungar

    Hi Emm. You said in the video that you would post the Mini2 PID settings/profiles on your site. Where can I find them? I'd like to try them out with the Tiyaga Minigimbal.

  39. Thanks. I want to buy some to see if I can run my LED lights from them, but the disparity in price is huge. You can find the Ultrafire, etc, all the Chinese brands at around $1-1.5 each, whereas the Panasonic and the NiteCore ones are $7-10. And the Chinese brands get a lot of bad reviews.

  40. Emm

    Post author

    @Art Sanchez - Yes but it depends on the lens too. If your camera can sit back a bit from the motors, then easy clearance. If you have to push the camera too far forward, then the motor will be up against the side.

  41. Side question Emm. Have you had much experience with inexpenssive 18650 batteries? Have you find one one of the inexpensive brands (as opposed to the Panasonic or NiteCore which are pricey) to work well?

  42. Taylor

    Would a gh4 / speedbooster / tokina 11-16 combo work?
    is it a weight limit issue with this thing or a physical clearance issue? I have the rokinon 7.5mm but sometimes that's just too wide.

  43. Art Sanchez

    Another question: Has the frame enough clearance for connecting a hdmi cable to the a7s for the shogun?

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @Kevin Martis - For the price the Ronin-M is great and despite reviews it performs pretty good. The Mini2 is just different, not a replacement.

    When packing up a Ronin-M The smallest case would still be carry on sized (maybe a bit larger). When packing a Mini2, it literally fits in a small backpack. Not shown in the video, but the entire top handle assembly comes off the Mini2 with a simple bayonet mount (no tools required).

    When I'm on vacation I like using small cameras like the LX100, or GH4 with small prime lenses. Therefore I would not consider hiking with a Ronin-M over a Mini2. I guess for people like me, it's good to have nore than one gimbal.

  45. Emm

    Post author

    @Art Sanchez - No and No. The Mini2 is just for smaller camera setups. The tight frame will not allow cages.

  46. Paul Hidalgo

    Any idea what Varavon is up to, regarding 3-axis gimbals. I was expecting them to have a Birdycam 3 in NAB.

  47. darryl

    Emm, this is a fantastic video for balancing gimbals in general. Thanks for the comparison with the Ronin, I think it's on a lot of people's minds as people move to GH4 productions.

  48. Kevin Martis

    Good point. The Ronin M gives you the ability to do heavier set ups which is also an advantage. Plus too light can actually be a disadvantage right?

    I have not seen any weight complaints on the Ronin M. A lot of other complaint though. Some reviews are disappointing, especially support. Too bad I really wanted to pull the trigger on the Ronin M.

  49. Emm

    Post author

    @Edward - No I don't think you should try a Metabones on a GH4 with a Sigma 18-35mm on the CAMETV CAME-MINI2.

  50. Emm

    Post author

    @Kevin Martis - The Ronin-M is a great stabilizer, and great for mirrorless I agree. Still this CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 is not the same gimbal. The MINI2 is almost half the size of the Ronin-M (which is half the size of the original Ronin), so you get an idea how small that is. If you wanted to compare a CAMETV Gimbal, the Ronin-M would be the size of the CAMETV 7800 (which is why I show it in the video).


  51. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeff - The Ronin-M is a great stabilizer, but this should not be directly compared to the Ronin-M as it is still almost half the size of the Ronin-M. It's like comparing the Ronin-M to a Nebula 4000.

    The convenience of this MINI2 is size and portability, easy to pack and travel, making it great for 'just the smaller camera setups'. For instance if you have a brand new Sony RX10II, or even Sony RX100 IV, even those cameras may look mighty small on a Ronin-M.

  52. Kevin Martis

    I think for mirrorless crowd it is between this & the Ronin M.


    For only $300 more, there are a lot of reasons to go with the Ronin M. The reviews at B & H are kind of mixed though for the Ronin M. For me having domestic tech support & customer is huge, but surprisingly DJI has really been awful, if you read the B & H reviews.

    I am surprised Emm has not reviewed the Ronin M yet, since it is probably a better option, even with all the bad reviews at B & H.

  53. Edward

    Hi thanks for your nice video's, do you think that the Came-mini 2 is able of handle a GH4+metabones (canon-4/3)+Sigma 17-35 1.8?

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