Cinerails Track Dolly System and Filmmaking Tip for Creating Better Dolly Shots

I recently posted on my Instagram about using the Cinerails Dolly System for an interview, just so we could add a bit of movement for a B-Roll camera angle. It's a very simple way to add smooth camera movement to what would normally be a static shot. The kit was sent to me by the Cinerails company, and after using it a few times, I strongly believe it's going to be a steady part of the equipment we use in our future projects.

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If you're not familiar with the Cinerails Dolly System, it's a Tripod Dolly System that can be used as a straight or curved track and is completed by adding common 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC pipes found at just about any hardware store.

Cinerails SnapTrack Camera Dolly System
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The benefit to working with this system is that you can always travel (example: flying out of state) with the Cinerails System and pick up PVC pipes at your destination. By my house I purchased 10ft PVC pipes for about $3 dollars each. I cut them down to 9 ft, so I can fit them in my tiny Honda Fit. Check out the overview video below about the kit.

What you get is 7 Cinerails (to connect to PVC), a Cinerails Tripod Track Dolly (with casters), and a Draw Cord (used to create an arc). Using a curved track will maintain your subject in frame without having to pan the camera, and creates that highly desired parallax effect. The system is dead quiet so you don't have to worry about any sounds interfering with your audio during interviews. While I think our shot came out great, we could have improved it using a few tips from this recent Filmmaking Tip video - via Cinerails.

The entire system weighs practically nothing, is easy to setup, and will add high production value to your projects. Now if you already have a Tripod Track Dolly, the set of (7) Cinerails will only run you less than $60 dollars.

For more information about Cinerails, visit their website (Click Here).

Cinerails Tripod Track Curved Dolly System
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7 thoughts on “Cinerails Track Dolly System and Filmmaking Tip for Creating Better Dolly Shots

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - One thing to note is that the Cinerails comes up under the PVC pipe a bit, and not all Tripod Track Dollies may clear. The wheels have to sit on top of the PVC pipes and not come down too low or it could collide with the Cinerails.

  2. It is a very simple and reasonably priced solution. I've been trying to find a practical way to make similar systems work for years, either using PVC pipes or metal. And the key here is that the PVC is a)flexible (unlike metal) and b) so cheap it can be disposable. You buy it at your destination and then leave it behind. If you only get the connecting rails for $60, you can also get a ProamUsa dolly for $199, which uses the same principle, an adjustable dolly with skateboard wheels that ride on the track, for $199. The total cost would be $260 vs $350 that the kit Cinerails sells.

  3. Dan K.

    Dang, Emm. Another great find. Brilliant. Where do you find these toys?

    I've been building straight track skatewheel dollies for years. The curve has always been tricky.

    Only problem is it's not strong enough to ride on. But it's a great, lightweight, portable solution now that we have lighter cameras.

  4. Don

    Absolutely brilliant, and the price really surprised me. I love this kind of portability. FYI, this is precisely why I visit Cheesycam. You're always coming up with really clever gear. Some stuff you just wish for, and other stuff you buy. I think this is a buy.

  5. Steve

    Too bad the moovit isn't getting the funding it needs on kickstarter. Those two products together would be great for a one man crew.

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