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A few months ago CAME-TV designed the CAME-MINI 3-Axis gimbal, which was a great compact Alexmos based stabilizer but was a bit tedious if you had to rebalance for different setups.

Recently they've released an upgraded version of this Mini Gimbal that now includes a quick release system (to dismount your camera), an easily removable top handle, and tool-less adjustments on the Pitch, Roll, and Yaw. Here's a thorough overview video of the new CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 Gimbal.

The new CAME-MINI2 is still offered with a support frame that runs across the front of the camera, but I personally don't know if this is totally necessary. By removing the frame, I think you'll find the system easier to balance if you are using small lenses. If you are using a GH4 + 12-35mm, the front frame can remain on the system without interfering.

Many will try to compare this new MINI2 to the DJI Ronin-M Gimbal. Don't get me wrong, the Ronin-M is a great gimbal, and people should consider purchasing one if you have a decent sized camera setup, but it's still bigger and heavier than the MINI2.

DJI Ronin-M Gimbal CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 Gimbal

For reference the original DJI Ronin was more than twice the size and more than twice the weight of the CAMETV 7800, which makes the new DJI Ronin-M about the same size as the CAMETV 7800. So referencing the beginning of the video, you could see how the new CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 would still be about half the size of Ronin-M, making it still easier to pack and travel with or a great option with those who have extremely small setups (LX100, RX10, RX100, etc).

cametv 3 axis gimbal stabilizer gh4 a7rII gimbal cametv came-mini2 rx100 iv gimbal rx10II gimbal

Keep in mind that the CAME-MINI2 is still using the same BasecamElectronics control board, and SBGC Software for tuning. The same equipment many other gimbals on the market are using. What is provided to you is most likely a generic profile that should accommodate most small camera setups (and it seems to work very well). Of course if you really want the best results, or if you want to be proficient at troubleshooting these systems, you should really take the time to learn and understand the tuning process.

came-tv came-mini2 gimbal came mini gimbal cametv mini gimbal mini2 gimbal
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