Unboxing CAME 7500 Ready To Run 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Now that CAME-TV is offering up several different gimbal options, the popular question right now is whether to go with the 7000 or the 7500 model. The CAME-TV 7500 model is listed as a 'Ready to Run 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer'. Price is just $200 dollars more than the DIY 7000 Kit.

CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal Satostudios
@Satostudios BTS with CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Though it's delivered mostly assembled, many parts are left loose for you to adjust and balance your camera. Once you have your camera balanced, it's a good idea to run through and make sure that every bolt is tightened up. This is VERY CLOSE to the 7000 32 Bit DIY model with a few exceptions. The big difference with the 7500 (as opposed to 7000) is that you don't need to build it yourself.

The CAME 7500 will also come preloaded with a few different profiles that are loaded by clicking on the center of the joystick. [NOTE: The video I share above was an earlier model, so your profiles may be different]. Aside from paying extra for a preconfigured system, they claim the CAME-TV 7500 model is using more powerful motors and also provide a case mounted to the back to protect the control board with an ON/OFF rocker switch. Considering there are not many '32 bit' complete gimbals coming in at this price this is a great addition for those who don't want to build it themselves.

CAME 7500 3 Axis RTR Gimbalcame 7500 ready to run 3 axis stabilizer
find-price-button CAME-TV 7500 32 Bit Ready to Run Gimbal Stabilizer

Now just because the system comes assembled or 'Ready to Run', it will still benefit you greatly to have an understanding of the different parts, pieces, and software configurations in case you need to troubleshoot or fine tune for your different applications. I would suggest that you continue checking in with my sub-website at https://gimbal.cheesycam.com.

For more information about the CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal, check out the website (click here)

ready to run gimbal 3 axis dslr canon gh4CAME 7500 Gimbal Stabilizer
find-price-button CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal RTR

61 thoughts on “Unboxing CAME 7500 Ready To Run 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @mcb311 - Sorry I haven't run into a 'sensor not connected bug'. If a sensor is not detected typically it means there is a problem with the wire. Make sure the wires haven't been damaged. Check the connection at each sensor and make sure it hasn't been pulled out. Make sure there is no damage along any of the wires. If you have a multimeter you can do resistance checks.

    Also make sure the back of sensor is not touching any metal that will cause it to short out. If it is attached to the carbon fiber frame that could also cause a short. Make sure the bare metal is not up against the carbon fiber. Add a small piece of tape to the back if it helps.

  2. mcb311

    @Emm - I think that would bring me one step closer (knowing with which Firmeware it was shiped)so you just update your gimbal to basecams newest Version ?
    I thought maybe the problem is somehow related to the Firmware version.

    Are you btw aware of that "sensor not connected" "Bug", seems like a few people has encountered this but there is no sollution by now...
    (and sorry for asking so much questions...)
    Do you now what that (Red Led on / Green Led fast blinking) error-code is meaning ?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @mcb311 - I won't be able to extract the 'firmware' from the board. You have to find and download it from the Basecamelectronics.com website. I'm not even sure what the firmware version is, I would have to see it when i'm connected.

  4. mcb311

    Thanks for your response, I´m not looking for the Profiles actually (as I have saved them) but for the Firmware the gimbal came with (or maybe I would need an readout from the Eprom ?!) I just try to "reset" everything so itßs like fresh outa the box...does this make sense ?

    You just could send it via E-mail (must be only few Kb ?!)or I could supply you with a dropbox...

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @mcb311 - You can try to contact CAMETV for the profiles, but I'll have to see if I can download the profiles and upload them somewhere. I may not be in the office for a few days though.

  6. mcb311

    Hi everyone...
    I´ve some big problems with my new Came-7800 Gimbal. After some test (were it work just fine) I calibrated the sensor, powered it up and "nothing" happened. The red LED on the back went on and the green was flashing fast, I wasn´t able to connect to the gimbal just got "error readin profiles" from the GUI (also worked fine before), so I flashed the board with the recovery Firmware and updated the it (to 2.43b6).
    Before that I think there were 2.43b5 on it...

    Now I can connect via the GUI but it says "no sensor connected". I´ve backuped all profiles from Came-TV but would like to "reset" everything.
    Can someone provide me with the Firmware (and everything else) that comes with the Gimbal ?

    Thanks in advance

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @MC - Some of what you're saying doesn't make a lot of sense. I doubt they would literally say "sometimes things break, hope this helps".

    So first question, where did you buy it from? Apparently there are some companies trying to sell gimbals using their name on eBay, and they have made a note about this on their website. Outside of that, let's talk about the gimbal.

    First make sure you are using a fully charged battery. Use the provided charger and let is sit until it's fully charged. These gimbals are programmed to 'not work' when the voltage of the battery is under a certain amount. So if your 12V battery drops down to 10V it may not work. Even trying another dead battery isn't going to help.

    If you want to connect to it, make sure you've downloaded the correct software from Basecamelectronics.com, balance your camera properly and then put the gimbal on some type of stand.

    If you're using a Mac computer you have to also install a Driver. Check out this article: https://gimbal.cheesycam.com/downloading-installing-and-launching-simplebgc-software-mac-osx/.

    Make sure you are using a 'Data' USB Cable. Not the usb cables that are used to charge a GoPro. Although they may look the same, some cables don't have all the pins setup for data, they only have a few pins setup to power 5V and charge a device.

    After installing the driver, launching the software, and using a correct USB cable, you should be able to use the drop down menu on the top left to select a port. Typically it will be the last one on the list. Then hit connect.

    First thing I would check is make sure it shows Profile 1 (top right) and hit the Write Button. Next hit the 'Motors On/OFF' button and see if the motors start responding. Let me know what happens when you get this far, and it would be more helpful if you could share a video showing the product, what the software is showing, and how it is responding (or not).

  8. MC

    Hey...I hope someone can help because CAME TV are as helpful as a brick!! I'm so angry with this 7500 I bought from them.
    1. It arrived and one of the arms was completely broken! Then after plugging in a fully charged battery and setting it up...the thing just beeps, judders for a second then does absolutely nothing! The joystick doesn't work...just 2 blinking red lights on the back!
    Came TV - their response is 'we have national holiday, sometimes things break, hope this helps'!!

    Anyone have any ideas? I have tried a new battery...same deal. I have tried to go into the GUI etc for recalibration but it won't recognise the firmware [com port says wrong serial number].

    I'm getting extremely angry now and feel I've been scammed!

  9. Hey @Emm, Which hard carrying case do you suggest for the Came 7500? Also, do you suggest the calibration holder they sell for $200, or do you think I can use proper light stands?


  10. Stefan

    Hello, i have a couple of questions, i just got the new 7500 and i use it with a 5dmk3+ 17-40 or a rokinon 14mm but i also have a 24-105 and 20mm f 2.8. The gimbal doesn't perform as good as yours but i managed to get a couple of good shots and some jobs done. Yesterday I've connected to the software and i realized that it didn't had the latest firmware and after upgrading nothing seems to work anymore. Can you please give me some advice on how to make it work again or some pid-profiles? I've tried several profiles that i found on the web and after writing them the gimbal goes all crazy and shakes and goes in all direction.
    Thank you for your time

  11. Rodney White

    Took apart the top center cage on the 7500 gimbal. Tightened the 4 set screws on the motor mount that was tucked in that cage, a little tricky because of all the cables that run through that shaft so gaining clearance for the included allen wrench was hard for me with meaty paws and bad eyes.
    The gimbal had worked great the first few days but the wobbling began at the YAW motor mount and it really threw off the following mode with even the slightest looseness.
    It must have came from the factory with not enough snugness on those screws and with them being right up against the inside of the cage they are impossible to tighten without tearing the handle/cage apart.

    Now back to new

  12. Rodney White

    (((37) Previous comment
    It was the 4 screws within the Yaw motor that came lose. Now, everything is good. Thanks again, Emm.))

    I think mine are loose also, top YAW motor?, nearest top center handle, wobbles and it's not the shaft. the black disk below the motor is loose but its inside the top cage. It look tricky to take apart but I guess I'll try

  13. Hi Emm, thanks for your video tutorials. I have bought both the CAME-7000 and CAME-7500. I wasn't able to figure out the CAME-7000 so it's just sitting in my office. Not even my geeky friends and clients. After watching and researching countless software calibration videos, the process is still a fascinating and unfathomable mystery.

    But the good news is the CAME-7500 seems to work fine and wasn't much effort at all to make it work. I have a couple of questions:

    1) Among the many things that went wrong with the CAME-7000, after testing it for a while, the small top screws that hold the lower part of the gimbal got loose and the lower part fell down (fortunately I had only had my good old Nikon D70 on it). I'm a bit paranoid about it and wanted to ask how secure are the small screws on the CAME-7500. Do you tighten them every once in a while or we don't need to worry about it?

    2) How many PID configurations are already there on the CAME-7500?


  14. Lock

    I just bought the 7500 and I notice I pick up a high pitch noise from the lower motor while filming, is that normal?

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @E.F. - I'm not familiar with that camera, but from what I can tell I don't think it will work in the 7500 gimbal.

  16. E. F.

    Hey, thank you for the comprehensive review, very very helpful!
    I am wondering if the CAME 7500 will work with a Sony HD FX 1000? Its a big camera by weight and dimensions.

  17. Marc

    I've been using the 7500 for a few weeks and overall, I'm really impressed. Glad I popped for the pre-assembled one as it provided a working baseline to start messing with. This gimbal will require a decent degree of tweaking and balancing to make the most of it...don't expect magic out of the box. With regards to a QR plate, I'm using a cheap Arca Swiss type off ebay with a carryspeed plate that's permanently mounted to my 5d3. I had to remove the top bar from the cage to make it fit and moved the sensor to the flash shoe plate which mounts directly to the camera now. Balances and works well. The plate I'm using has a longer tightening screw which allows it to clear the cage and I have it oriented with the knob pointing forward (under the lens) so that it clears the frame from behind. It's tight but works...a quick release system is a must for something like this IMO and certainly something Came-TV could/should add to the next version. You will have to spend some time learning to balance this thing but as others have said, it can be a little off and still function well. The frame design does not allow for easy fine adjustments which makes a QR plate all the more important. I probably get 2 hours use out of a single charge. I'm not a huge fan of Lipos either but I suspect anything else would require a much larger/heavier battery. As an enthusiast, especially if you don't mind tweaking things, this is a good offering. I haven't used higher end rigs but suspect the differences really start to shine in a production environment where the higher costs start to justify themselves.

  18. Curtis

    @Keith Thanks for the input! I might try ordering the Varavon Birdycam and see if that works.

  19. @Curtis - I have to retract my statement that the Manfrotto sliding plate adapter would work. I had some time today to test out several quick releases on the CAME 7500 yesterday night. None would work without modifications to the hole pattern at the cage base or extensions to the cage top bar height. The problem is the darn top bar on the Came 7500 cage, it's too low for most taller cameras - it barely fits with the GH4 and the 5D. You can barely get the camera + quick release to fit by adjusting the lower plate to the lowest position - then the tilt center of gravity is too low. You could of course add some weight to the top bar to even out the GH4 with the base being lower to accommodate a taller camera+quick release. I'm considering making an adapter to the side bars to raise it so the darn top bar can clear the top of the camera. Or adding something like a arca-swiss to the top bar with some weights to extend out the CG up and more in front. This is probably the easiest jury rig solution.

    Oh, just another thing I realized, the wires to the sensor (the bare circuit board mounted to the top bar of the cage) has wires leading directly to the controller. This means if you tilt the cage, tilting over from top to bottom, it will twist this ribbon cable. If you do it enough in one direction it will eventually twist too much and too tight and break the cable. I noticed this bundle of twisted wires emerging from the hole in the motor to the left of the cage, I traced it and it was to the sensor. If I'd let this go I'd eventually have a broken cable. I rotated the camera back until the twisted bundle was it's original flat ribbon cable. The same is true where it enters the controller. I have yet to open up the controller box but I'm sure there are some twisted ribbon cables there. i remember seeing something about this being a problem in the Movi as well, just didn't relate it to this gimbal, but I think they all have these problems. Just a FYI.


  20. Jesse Lee

    Hi, after watching several reviews (including yours) I have placed an order for the Came-7500. Can you tell me how I can mount a monitor on this thing? Thank you!

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Rodney White - OOH yeah watch out for that reset button in the software. I loaned out a gimbal to a friend and they plugged in the software and hit the 'Use Defaults' button - wiped out the profile. It's ok to plug it in to take a look and see what each profile may have differently, just be mindful about the buttons you click on. To see the differences in each profile, use the drop down menu top right and toggle between profiles.

  22. Rodney White

    Got the Came-TV 7500 gimbal yesterday(only 6 days shipping) and working great for the last 2 days.

    Your videos were great and I knew what to expect when I opened the box, lots of loose bolts and a little futzing to balance.
    Just wondering after combing web: Are there any instructions at all?

    There was nothing paper-wise in the box. I believe I found links to calibration software Macintosh, but I don't need to change anything yet with the 5DMark III(no grip) and 16-35 II, initial settings when turned on worked and double clicked for follow mode. Just what are the other modes? I'm afraid of wiping something out.

  23. Luke

    It was the 4 screws within the Yaw motor that came lose. Now, everything is good. Thanks again, Emm.

  24. @Curtis - There is enough room for a Manfrotto sliding plate. I just tried it and it hits slightly but that's because the base of the CAME cage is raised about 15mm from it's lowest position to accommodate the GH4 with no quick release plate. To obtain good CG with the plate I'd need to lower that anyway so I'd say it will work.
    - Keith http://www.techmovepodcast.com

  25. Luke

    Question for Emm or anyone with their CAME 7000. Here is the picture with the issue in question:


    Is it normal with the circled area wobble when you move the gimbal? I tried to tighten the two tiny screws as much as I could but the wobbling is still there. I wonder if any of you experience this.

  26. TOM

    @Geoff - I plan on using a slim Arca Swiss adapter plate I found on eBay for $13. All the lenses (Primes) I plan on using are within a few grams and millimeters of each other so I don't think I should have an issue balancing.

  27. Geoff

    Has anyone found a working quickrelease plate or slidefix plate that works with the 7500?

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Luke - Very simple. You basically cut one of the leads in half (either positive or negative) and add two electrical Spade connector between the two halves. When the switch is off the electricity does not flow between the halves. When the switch is on, it's like a bridge where the electricity starts flowing through.

    I actually show my positive cable cut on the "Installing Joystick Wiring to 32 bit Board" video on this page: https://gimbal.cheesycam.com/diy-build-came-7000-32-bit-3-axis-gimbal-stabilizer/

  29. Luke

    I did get my Came 7000 finally working nicely. I do have a question about connecting the battery cable to the controller board in a Carbon Protective box like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/271524386538

    Do you know what kind of connector or split cable I need in order to utilize the switch on the box?

  30. Curtis

    @Keith is there room for a quick release manfrotto plate on the the 7500 with the GH4?

  31. @Michael: No it was fairly easy balancing it, it's similar to a regular Steadicam type gimbal where you just have to move the camera around to get the camera to be at the center of gravity, so it doesn't tip forward, backward, rotate, or pan when still with the power off. It did take some time and was a bit tedious, in that this basic gimbal doesn't have very good fine tuning controls (or any actually). The key is to put it on some type of stand to hold it while you make the adjustments. Doing it without a stand would be very difficult or impossible. The rotation adjustment is the hardest because you have to keep the cage from just moving downward while you loosen it to move it left or right - that part of the design is clunky. I think the more expensive gimbals have fine tuning controls. This one doesn't. Therefore switching cameras and/or lenses is problematic. However, it is more forgiving than a mechanical gimbal as far as balance in that if it is slightly off the motors will work to keep it balanced. As Emm mentioned the motors will be working harder if it's not perfectly balanced so do go too far out. However, for example, on the shoot a week ago I started with the 12-35 2.8 Lumix, then switched to a Olympus wider zoom, which is appreciably smaller and shorter, and I didn't re-balance it at all, and gimbal performed as well as with the bigger lens, and I'm sure it wasn't perfectly balanced at that point. So there is a bit of leeway.

    I found out that the screws holding most of the CAME-7500 together are 3mm diameter with a .5 thread thread pitch. These are called M3x0.5 in 'screw' parlance. I want to add plates and things to the gimbal but need longer screws to attach more stuff.

    @Emm - Is there a better, more modular battery solution to this Gimbal? I find the LIPO plugs to be kind of funky. I would love to put in a L-Type socket and just use all my Sony L batteries. Not sure why these all use LIPOs or is it a necessity for the motors?

    -Keith at techmovepodcast.com

  32. TOM

    @Michael - I knew that the GH4 might cause an issue when mounting it on these, just because it is so lightweight. I plan on beefing up the camera a little bit, I don't use any Panasonic lenses.. only use old heavy 35mm lenses. If that isn't enough weight.. I will just add my baseplate or something.

    I literally just ordered mine 30 seconds ago... so excited!!!

  33. Michael

    @keith did you have any issues mounting the gh4 on the 7500? I have a similar setup and am having some issues mounting and balancing the camera.

  34. TOM

    Any Cheesycam discounts or maybe a group buy? I want one... But really want it for under a grand...

  35. Jared

    Hey Emm, where do you get the PID profiles from, that Came-TV gave you? I just want to compare them to what I am using for my GH4. It's very close to being right, but I would like to see what they are putting in with the latest firmware. OR can you plug in your 7500 and just right in here what they have theirs set at. Thanks.

  36. Chris

    How much work is involved in the setup process with this? I'm a little paranoid since I'm not super savvy with any programming. This is about half the cost of many other options, but I don't want to get stuck with something that isn't reliable. Thanks.

  37. Keith Moreau here from TechMove Podcast - techmovepodcast.com. I received the CAME-7500 a couple of weeks ago and shot with it in a professional situation 5 days ago. I used a GH4 with a 12-35 Lumix and an Olympus 7-14 lens. I have to review the footage but from what I could tell at the time worked really, really amazingly well. I have not done anything with the included software, I just used the presets - which work quite well. Sometimes it gets a little confused and goes crazy, especially with extreme angles in relation to the frame, but I've learned to deal with it and just push the joystick button to get it to reset. The only drawback is that it is kind of 'Elysium like' in that there are bare wires and circuit boards and connectors exposed all over the place, though most are inside the tubes, where they exit and connect they are prone to getting caught on things and damaged Also the motors are exposed a bit and could be prone to dust and dirt infiltration. I plan to cover these exposed areas with some form of protection in the near future. The other things I plan is to install some type of quick release system, though as Emm stated there is very little room to raise the camera before it hits the top part of the cage. Another thing I plan to do is replace the top handle with a removable 15mm rod top handle and clamp. This will allow me to put the gimbal in some sort of flattish case to transport it. Overall I'm really pleased with it for this price. I didn't think I'd be able to justify buying a Movi but this pretty darn good and actually usable. Thanks Emm for all you great advice and help, as usual!

  38. Tim

    So the Came 7500 won't support a C100. Anyone know of a budget friendly gimbal that will support the C100?

    I always see the gimbals on ebay that say they support a RED but does anyone have any experience with them?

  39. Emm

    Post author

    @marko - Apparently CAME-TV may be shipping units out with the latest firmware upgrade. The profiles will be different so figure out which profile you have. These should be the profiles that are installed when the units are shipped.

    7500 2.40 Firmware Profiles: https://goo.gl/VAyUw9
    7500 2.41 B4 Firmware Profiles: https://goo.gl/kujJO4

    Just because the PID settings can be imported, I would still double check if the motors are inverted and the sensors are in the correct Top and Right position (both Camera IMU and Frame IMU).

  40. @Tracy Evans I have several problems too, where did you buy the controller board? i also have problems with the frame IMU that is not responding well.
    Can you tell me more about your controller?

    @Emm can you share the PID in the 7500? I have bought the 7000 but added the motors of the 7500, but no way to have a PID stable... maybe is because of the problems with the IMU... Still working on. 🙁

  41. Emm

    Post author

    @Curtis - I don't think there is enough room with a Canon 5D sized DSLR camera, but with a smaller mirrorless you have some room to add a QR plate (a slim one).

  42. Curtis

    @Emm Is it possible to put a quick release like Manfrotto's on the gimbal so once the balance is found the quick release can be left in place so you don't have to rebalance it every time you remove the camera to swap out a battery or make some other adjustment?

    And are there sufficient markings on the Came 7500 to mark the settings for different lenses?

  43. Emm

    Post author

    @Tracy Evans - Sounds like when you start up it's re-calibrating the gyros. It is important that the camera stay steady and level at this point. I think you should go into the software and choose 'skip gryo at startup'.

    Outside of that, it looks like the PID settings just need to be fixed. One thing you should really be aware of is that PID settings can't tell if your motors are inverted, or what position the sensor is. Make sure you double check if any of your motors require the 'inverted' option, check both Camera IMU and Frame IMU 'top' and 'right' position. The poles for the CAME 7500 should be 22, 22, 14 (yaw).

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @clovis - The stock battery may run you about an hour. If you purchase the ones I shared earlier, you can shoot for many many hours.

  45. Emm

    Post author

    @Brian - The CAME 7500 and 7000 will not support a C100. The camera physically can't sit low enough on the frame and will always be too 'top heavy'.

  46. I bought the 7500 and it arrived last week. It came with a corrupt controller board and I spent a week struggling with it. I finally convinced CAME to send me a new controller board and it is on it's way to me.

    I can't wait for it so I bought an identical BaseCamp controller board in the US. It arrived today and boots up fine. CAME provided me with the profiles, which I have installed.

    The 7500 is now working, but a bit flakey. Here is a video of whats is happening now: httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCfjHF2Jqjc

    Hopefully I can tweak it out tomorrow, as I want to use it for a shoot in a couple of days.

  47. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael - I don't have any real tips on balancing. Just make sure that the camera stays level when it's not powered on, and the camera is also able to stay in any position when you tilt it. When lifting the gimbal (powered off) and tilting the top bar slightly left or slightly to the right, the YAW should stay put. If the camera swings then the YAW is not balanced.

  48. Michael

    Thanks for the unboxing video and for clarifying some of those features. I received my 7500 yesterday and was having trouble trying to set everything up with little instructions.

    Any tips on balancing the camera?

    Also, one of the wires that connected to the motor disconnected and it looks like the 3 pin connectors broke as well. Any idea how to go about fixing that?

  49. Jerry

    I really hated when they do this, 1st 8bit, then 32bits, now completed set....fack me! Oh well, I emailed CAME TV to see if they are nice enough to let me return the old one and I'll pay the extra cost the for the came 7500.

  50. clovis

    Thanks or you amazing videos!
    How long can you shoot with a single battery? Is it like the ROnin or the Movi, several hours, or more like 30min?

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