DJI Ronin 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

In case you felt there weren't enough options for motorized gimbal stabilizers, the latest DJI Ronin should begin shipping in just a few weeks. Introduced earlier this year at NAB2014, the new Ronin can support anything from a small micro four thirds camera up to a 16lb payload and comes with Auto Tuning software when which they say may not even require you to pre-balance the camera (of course it will always be better to).

If you're working with a small setup, i'm not sure if the price and the size of the Ronin will be appealing, but for cinematographers who need access to a gimbal capable of flying a heavy Camera system there were not many Gimbal systems that could compete at the same level as the expensive MOVI.

Typically the MOVI stabilizer systems are rented, but now for under $4500 $2999 dollars I think many of those professionals would rather own the tool. The new DJI Ronin is available now for Pre-order and begins shipping in August 2014 (found here).

DJI-Ronin Gimbal
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15 thoughts on “DJI Ronin 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

  1. We tried the Ronin at NAB and the elephant in the room was the weight. It's nine pounds without a camera. More than twice the BirdyCam (who thinks of these names).

    The next piece of kit will be the rig that holds up the stabilizer like the insanely priced EZ rigs. Who flew a MOVI at NAB.

    One thought came to us, though we don't have any way of testing it, is to mount the gimbal on a shoulder rig (like the also insanely priced Shape version). Most of us have one of those and it might make the shoulder rigs work for steady cam without needing shoulder surgery after two weeks.

    It would be great to hear if someone actually uses one of these gimbals for long periods of time and isn't going to see a physical therapist daily.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Fute - If you plan on working with a different lenses with a DSLR camera, then you'll want something easier to fine tune balance like the Varavon. If (like me) you often fly with a favorite camera and lens and don't change up too often, then the CAME 7000 works great for a great price. If you plan to use a gimbal for more professional scenarios and balance very heavy setups, seems like the DJI Ronin is the way to go for under $4500.

  3. SpartaBear

    Interesting times. When working with wireless FF and wireless video out, the payload of most (all?) entry level gimbals isn´t enough. Very smart move of DJI too move into this segment. They already are a well known brand among filmmakers, for there entry level aerial videography products, now they lower the bar for the gimbal market. I like.

  4. Fute

    Hi Emm, what is the best cost effective 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for cameras under 5lb in your opinion? Would it be the Birdycam 2?

  5. "not sure what the difference between the operator controller and the OPTIONAL JOYSTICK PAN/TILT though…"

    The operator controller is a remote control that a second person would use to control the pan/tilt of the gimbal.

    The joystick attaches to the handle so a single user can control the movement with it as they walk around.

  6. Joe C

    According to their website , it DOES include the 2nd Operator Transmitter, although not sure what the difference between the operator controller and the OPTIONAL JOYSTICK PAN/TILT though...

    A 2nd operator transmitter is also included with the package. This allows for pan and tilt control as well user assignable speeds and operation modes with 2 custom toggle switches on the transmitter.

    Single thumb control is available for the Ronin Handheld Gimbal System. Pan and Tilt movements can be controlled via the optional joystick attachment. SmoothTrackTM mode can be turned on or off via the optional joystick interface.

  7. Aaron

    Both B&H and adorama have bits and pieces of what Ronin comes with! Just curious, anyone knows if the "assistant software for mobile device" is for ios AND android?

  8. In my opinion the biggest difference is the tuning time when changing camera or lenses... if Ronin does what they say, is the only gimbal really useful during my shots.

    If you're recording on a set or studio... ok you have the time and organization to use traditional gimbals... 15/20 minutes for balancing... connect to pc to calibrate the software... etc. maybe it's ok... that's not my case at all.

    That's the reason why I never purchased a stabilizer... but this Ronin could be the first one.

    Which are the MOVI set-up times?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @JJ Casas - The MOVI M5 and Ronin may be close in price, but there are huge HUGE differences.

    MOVI M5 has a Maximum payload: 5lb while the Ronin can fly up to 16lbs (3x the weight). If you ever plan to fly larger cameras, the Ronin may be the better investment.

    Also the MOVI M5 radio controller for Dual Operator Mode is available as an optional accessory (pay more), while I believe they said the Ronin will come with a second operator remote - would have to double check this.

    The MOVI M5 only comes with BATTERIES, BATTERY CHARGER, and MŌVI STAND while the Ronin will come with a whole lot more including a stand and a hard case for transporting.

  10. JJ Casas

    Good to know Shaun! Our team is looking to investing for a powered gimbal system and was looking at this vs the Movi m5.

  11. I hesitate about this. Played with it at Broadcast Asia. Works fine, but it's a real heavy beast. The Movi is way way way lighter.

  12. Stuart

    The LightBridge HD wireless link for video and remote control works very well with helicopters so should be good with this system.


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