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In case you felt there weren't enough options for motorized gimbal stabilizers, the latest DJI Ronin should begin shipping in just a few weeks. Introduced earlier this year at NAB2014, the new Ronin can support anything from a small micro four thirds camera up to a 16lb payload and comes with Auto Tuning software when which they say may not even require you to pre-balance the camera (of course it will always be better to).

If you're working with a small setup, i'm not sure if the price and the size of the Ronin will be appealing, but for cinematographers who need access to a gimbal capable of flying a heavy Camera system there were not many Gimbal systems that could compete at the same level as the expensive MOVI.

Typically the MOVI stabilizer systems are rented, but now for under $4500 $2999 dollars I think many of those professionals would rather own the tool. The new DJI Ronin is available now for Pre-order and begins shipping in August 2014 (found here).

DJI-Ronin Gimbal
find-price-button DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer