Two DIY’s for a Birthday



Brian Williams runs a non profit called think which produces a documentary and several videos throughout the year. As a birthday present for Brian, brother Nick was inspired by the Cheesycam blog and finished building out two DIY DSLR rigs. The first is the Cheesycam inspired fig rig, with aluminum mountain bike handle extensions rather than the top handle. The second is the ever popular Plug Wire Clams Rig by Johan. To save a few clips during the transition to the handles, Nick used 90 degree L brackets from Home Depot. Hopefully this will help Brian with additional stabilization when working with his inspirational videos for Happy Birthday Brian, enjoy the rigs.

2 thoughts on “Two DIY’s for a Birthday

  1. Travis Dewys

    First off, love your site. Check it multiple times a day. I was wondering how people are mounting follow focuses on the DIY rigs. The tent pole idea is awesome, but isnt the diameter too small to mount a follow focus? Most rail systems are 15mm if not mistaken. Any ideas how to mount on a smaller diameter rod?

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