Tool-Less Cold Shoe Adapters


Pretty sweet little hot shoe adapters allow you to add extra accessory mounts to your DSLR rigs without tools. There's another version of this adapter that has a nice female insert if you're trying to mount in onto a male stud. (Excuse that last sentence if it sounded a bit mature).

The knob below allows you to tighten or loosen and relocate as you please without carrying a spare driver tool. There's slighty cheaper 'cold shoe' mounts available, but price is about average on this one and a cool addition to your DSLR Cages or Accessory Brackets.

find-price-button Tool Less Accessory Hot Shoe Mount

2 thoughts on “Tool-Less Cold Shoe Adapters

  1. imgpro615

    this'd actually be perfect for my HDV camera with a 1/4 20 near the mic up front AND in the top of the carry handle...

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