Sony’s New HXR-NX70E Ad Teaser

New teaser highlighting the build quality on the recently announced HXR-NX70E. Sony's higher end ENG cameras are well built beasts, and this smaller version claiming to be the 'First Rain and Dust Proof Camera' definitely looks like a solid performer. An video ad so 'sexy' it's almost NSFW.

Sony HXR-NX70E

6 thoughts on “Sony’s New HXR-NX70E Ad Teaser

  1. Aaron,

    Sony cameras have been supporting SD cards for a few years now - they're combi sockets even if labelled MemoryStick etc.

  2. aaron gum

    Do I see 'SD' on the card slot door? Is Sony finally going away from their proprietary memory stick?

  3. John Pooley

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! I JUST got a hxr mc50u and this comes out!!!!!!!!!! any word on pricepoint? maybe i can sell the mc50u on ebay

  4. Serge

    60 50 25.?
    When will they leave the choices to the consumer.?
    I really hope a version for the US has more useful frame rates.

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