iRig – Apple iPhone Portable Recorder + Mic

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Rob writes in and points out another cool iPhone, iPod, or iPad application that turns your Apple portable into a sweet little recording device. This time they've provided extra hardware in the form of a hand held microphone. iRig is the company behind the claim to be 'The first Handheld microphone for the iPhone', but they've been in business for a while pushing out iPhone hardware and applications for musicians (serious audiophiles). The iRig Microphone also includes a headphone out jack for real time monitoring (so you don't have to disconnect the microphone) and the included iRig Recorder application fine tunes the audio being captured.

iRig Microphone

Also compatible with their other applications VocaLive or Amplitube which give you unbelievable control over audio capture and processing.


This iRig Microphone seems like a great little cheap tool for the mobile blogger or podcaster since you can also use Video from your device while capturing isolated audio from your subject. Front facing camera on the iPhone or iPad? Yeah would be pretty cool for Webcasters.


They have another piece of hardware that's designed to take inputs from external instruments, so curious if you could just plug in any microphone (LAV mic?) and still have real time Headphone monitoring.

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5 thoughts on “iRig – Apple iPhone Portable Recorder + Mic

  1. Henry Kelly

    Apple is making the iPhone gadgets more and more popular over the world. By adding coolest tools in the phone they're generating more users’ attraction to iPhone. I think microphone option is just another brilliant edition of iPhone device. Thanks

  2. Go down this route you could just go direct into the iPhones mic in with the right 4 pole t r r s connector and wire.

    I have the irig instrument adaptor for guitar stuff and it us good but does experience some crosstalk with the monitor audio signal.

    Apogee have an interface which taps the dock connectors digital in with it's own ad/da convectors. Think it works on iPhone and iPad.
    I found an app a little while ago which allows for 48k recording can't recall the name at the moment.

  3. SkunkWorks

    "They have another piece of hardware that’s designed to take inputs from external instruments, so curious if you could just plug in any microphone (LAV mic?) and still have real time Headphone monitoring."

    ... Emm, the other interface, Amplitube iRig, is designed for instrument level signals and the impedances are different too. I doubt it would work with a mic but I don't know for sure. It's a passive device so it couldn't power condenser mics even if the signal level could be dealt with, it would have to be a dynamic mic. Peavey has an active version for its Ampkit but you are dealing with the same issues. Here's an article that explains it all...

    And, by the way, each company's interfaces are interchangeable, there's nothing proprietery about them that keeps them from working with the competitor's software... you can use Peavey's interface with Amplitube and iRig with Ampkit 😉

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