Tilta DSLR Follow Focus, Matte Box, Full Rig

find-price-button Tilta DSLR Shoulder Rig, Matte Box, Half Cage, Follow Focus

What's up with Tilta? I've seen a few of their small DSLR rig parts before, but it looks like they are slowly expanding on gear. Bruce pointed out today about their Follow Focus kit which includes two different gears, a set of base rails to mount, a dslr stage with battery door access, and a unique 'quick dock' solution to remove the entire system from a tripod or rig. I don't see a way to reverse the gears or adjustments for lash and tension, but it does have it's simple appeal. Anyone got more insight on these Tilta DSLR Rigs? They've even got a full Shoulder rig with half cage and Matte Box as well, but a bit too pricey for my taste...

find-price-button Tilta DSLR Shoulder Rig, Matte Box, Half Cage, Follow Focus

26 thoughts on “Tilta DSLR Follow Focus, Matte Box, Full Rig

  1. Bud

    Well i ordered this 6 days ago, and it got here today (UK). Super chuffed with it on first inpressions. Solid build, beautiful fluid motion, great feel, super well made - what more can i say! For the money, it is an absolute steal. The mounting system is pretty cool (although that wasn't why i bought it, but it's a massive bonus especially if you're mix and matching parts to build a rig). Worth noting that the 4 gears if comes with are not plastic - they're a rubbery material that i was at first worried about, but after testing, they are really effective.
    Top purchase. Chuffed.

  2. bruce

    @bud - not one plastic part bro try tilta.com they have a english part of the site

  3. Bud

    Bruce - what's your website? Keen to know more about this Tilta thing! Is it any good? Any plastic parts in there?

  4. bruce

    @emm - hey there i just got today and its awesome quick shipping took only 6 days to get to me guys and it works great will be posting a review soon on my website

  5. bruce

    @dudelicious - hey there once i get it ill be posting a link for everyone to take a look at it. the ebay store i bought it from said it would be here in the next week or so and there customer service rocks so far. ill let everyone know if i i love it or hate it.

  6. dudelicious

    just looked it over and the ff does have a striking resemblance to the genus bravo. had it confused with the genus superior ff.
    dont know if its the same manufacturer or just a copy.

    still interested how the portable dock works.

  7. dudelicious

    hmm well i compared it to the genus ff and it doesnt strike me as a one to one copy. it looks a little similar, but well most ffs kinda do. its the same idea behind it.

    im very much interested how the portable dock works.
    it kinda looks like a solid piece of gear.

  8. Dan

    @Kelly I don't think it's a knockoff. I think they use the same supplier. Genus is known for stuff like that

  9. Allan

    I know to avoid that I limited to number of manufacturer to two or three. 1-Rail system, 2-clamps and mount, 3-Shoulder pad, handle (It needs to look good and be solid)

    @J Hanna
    I dunno, maybe it's just in my head but with everything happening in japan, I dont feel comfortable ordering from there for now. 12$ clamp?? Where can I see that?

    This is what I had in mind based on Redrock's DSLR Field Cinema Standard Bundle v2 (1200$) :

    1- Decent quality rods from Ikan
    Ikan 18" pair of rods 34.95 (B/O) - B&H (cheaper than Ikan's website)
    Ikan 6" rods 29.95

    2- Express35.com (clamps/plates)
    90 degree rail block x 2 50$
    Rail block x4 70$
    Uni-Plate 26$
    (Adjustable camera mount useful to adjust everything) 95$

    3-3rd party (Redrock, Zacuto,CPM,Cinevate,etc.. ) Depending on your comfort
    -Shoulder pad Ebay or whatever suits your needs.
    -Handles (may need an accessory or two) (Ikan has at 36$)
    -Matte Box
    Maybe you guys have better prices somewhere I dunno,
    and then yes I would go invest in a good follow focus system with better accessories.

    Thanks for the replies and thanks for posting me!

  10. eiker_ir

    @Allan: yeah that's what most people do, get pieces from different places to build a rig that suits you personal needs, that's the beauty of the 15mm rods universal system.

  11. Kelly

    It is a knock off of the Genus Bravo Follow Focus, i paid much less for mine because i work for a camera store and get the discounts, however it seems like nothing is sacred anymore when it comes to product. While it IS nice to have some less expensive alternatives, there comes a point when intellectual property rights need to be enforced on a global scale. Just remember, you get what you pay for majority of the time, i learned the hard way that its just better to fork out the cash and get the real thing.

  12. @Allan
    I did something like that.
    I hit express35 for the initial rail system.
    Then to ebay. I bought additional rails from 3rd party sellers.
    I bought clamps,90 degree clamps, sponges for handles and a shoulder pad for super cheap... from this guy.

    I bought the $12 clamps that Emm suggested and some cheap ball heads off ebay.

    This made for a super cheap by comparison rig. WOO!

    I bought a genus follow focus though. I tried the cheaper follow focuses and I just wasn't impressed. They felt flimsy.

    So I spent the 500$ there.

    So...bought all that for less than a grand. (including follow focus) and bought accessories... juicelink, zoom h1, sennheiser mic, monitor, tripod, slider (indisystem let me pay by paypal and got me the slider in 3 days)
    with the spare money that I would have spent on a redrock whatever.

    I mean a zacuto handle for a rail system is like 90$.... just for one handle.

    I'm about to purchase a counterweight for $57 including shipping. How awesome is that... I'll use the money I would have spent on a 300$ zacuto whatever and buy more toys... or pay rent... whatever!

  13. 5dmarkIIIman

    @ Allan - great point man don't forget to add shipping and handling to all those things and second i don't like cross breeding any thing some parts mite not sit well with each other if you get where im coming from but go for it man. i own a habby cam rig with the tilta follow focus and i love my set up.

    @Bruce - bro nice buy i own one bro you will not be disappointed

    @Emm - Love this site man always get the best advise from the site and the tilta is a pretty solid follow focus, and check out this shoulder rig brother https://www.habbycam.com/Habbycam_HD_Brace_p/supports_hdbrace.htm

  14. Allan

    Hi guys, I've only been here for about a month and I've learn so much from all your reviews..its great!

    Was just wondering with all these different companies selling industry standard rigs and since most part seems compatible, has anyone ever tried to build a professional looking custom rig buy putting different parts from different companies together?
    Like 15mm Rods from Ikan 18" - 39$
    4 Rail block from Express35 - 69$
    100$ Shoulder pad - Ebay (Zacuto/RedRock)
    Dfocus Follow Focus..Plate from Jag35 etc..
    We could end up doing minor adjustment but if its standard..shouldnt be too hard.

    I might be offtrack but couldnt that result in something interesting that would be way under the 500$ mark?
    Please let me know if that makes any sens.

  15. Rabby

    "IF you are expecting swifter delivery at the same price/conditions please DO NOT BID"

    Well thats just RUDE

    I didn't like what they have posted on ebay, seems like they don't understand what "customer service" means. Rule#1 of any kind of business is that Customer is always right....I guess I am not bidding anything with these guys.

  16. Bruce

    @fabdex... the follow focus alone is not 599 it includes rods with quick release plate , and 4 gears for your lens

  17. Fabdex

    @Marshall: 3K for the rig, the follow focus... well, for a full kit. The follow alone is $599.

  18. Dan

    The follow focus looks identical to the new Genus Bravo.. and the matte box has some suspicious resemblances to Genus as well... HMMM!

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