900 LED Light Panel Sample

Here's a simple frame grab using only 900 LED Video Light panels. 1/50th, F/4, ISO 100 on Canon 7D.

find-price-button 900 LED Dimmable Photography Video Light Panel

No worries about heat or power draw that will blow out house breakers. The 600 and 900 LED versions come with Sony V Mounts, so you can also invest in batteries to take them off the grid and portable. You can see placement of lights in the first frame grab. Not the best test here, but hopefully you get an idea about power output, throw, and diffusion. [Thanks Olivia for sitting in.]

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16 thoughts on “900 LED Light Panel Sample

  1. Tom

    Wow that looks really green, but I'm glad you are not color correcting these tests, so we can see how they actually look. I have the 1200 version of these LEDs and I find a Rosco 1/8 minusgreen brings it pretty darn close to daylight color balance. I taped it to the white diffuser and use that instead of the supplied magenta diffuser, which just isn't quite right. But even though the color balance gives white whites, there's something just not quite right about the colors with these lights. It is like the difference between the color from a good Canon DSLR versus a point and shoot... both give white whites but the colors from the DSLR just look more natural, especially on skintones.

    They are great for location interviews and supplementing daylight to fill in shadows.

  2. How far was that key light to the subject on this test to get f4 at 100 iso? Great stuff love your site please keep it coming. Can't really tell in the photo.

  3. jason h

    off topic.

    hey emm, are you aware that safari is having issues playing some vimeo videos. yours is one of em.

    the issue is weird bleached out blocky compression in highlights and black slugs looking grey.

    vimeo video seem to be fine on other browsers.

    just a heads up.

  4. Mmm… Use more force must you in inserting the bulbs.. Yeeesss… Or dark side will you be in.

    Ok… all I can think about at this exact second is “Slave Leia Outfit” nuff said. Olivia don’t hate me. =>

  5. Mmm... Use more force must you in inserting the bulbs.. Yeeesss...

    Ok... all I can think about at this exact second is "Slave Leia Outfit" nuff said. Olivia don't hate me. =>

  6. @Tomas and @Emm... I like the faux comparison. I know what a room full of 60 watt lights look like. I wish all the light demo/reviews were like this.

    here's what a normal room in your home looks like. now here it is lit soley with these lights.
    It is a comparison. between the norm and the led's.
    Thanks for doing it this way emm. If other lights come out can you do it the same way?

    I know what an arri, omni, and mole kit output. But I don't care. I'm not going to race out and buy those. We're are on the cheap group here. We need real world comparisons. Also, how do the color temps mix? between led's and 60 watt lights?

    these are things I want to know.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - I did not put on the Magenta Gel that comes with it for the (minus green), and also I don't think we color balanced after the changes.

  8. Rob

    Thanks again for the tests on these lights, I've been contemplating getting them but the green cast is still putting me off. Did you get the minus green filter with them? and if so how well do they work?

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