The infamous $24 dollar Shoulder Support

This $24 dollar shoulder rig just won't quit. Well, we may have to change the name as the popularity of this cheap plastic design gains popularity, the price has since inflated. This unit also is being sold under different names, but I have never heard of any one designed better than the other. There's an adapter that allows for an offset, I don't suggest loading that up as it's not designed well, but the base shoulder support works great. I posted several articles about this thing over the year, and there's been several others enhancing the use of this cheap support. Here's a recent look at how Vimeo member IE DNLab used it as additional support for the Steadicam Merlin DSLR Stabilizer.

Limited in range unless you feel like squatting for every low shot, but using it for something like this will definitely provide you with longer shooting times while you save up for your vest. Prices have inflated elsewhere, but right now you can find it cheaper than $24 dollars over at Amazon. As always prices subject to change normally after being posted here. LOL. If you're interested in something I did with my cheap shoulder mount, check out this video

find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder

But if you're looking to step up your dollars a little bit, the Gliders Shoulder Support has the same functionality, with a bit more quality in parts.
find-price-button Gliders Shoulder Adjustable Support Camera Mount

18 thoughts on “The infamous $24 dollar Shoulder Support

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @John McGovarin - You might be able to hold it in place, but not sure how you'd fly with it.

  2. Joseph W. Bourke

    Just purchased one from CowboyStudio. Super fast shipping. When it arrived today, I immediately started setting it up and imagine my surprise when the final piece I put on it (for the camera mount) had a stripped out 1/4-20 screw insert. The part under the foam pad was floating loose, so the knob wouldn't do anything but try and push the insert out of the foam pad.

    A quick email to CowboyStudio support, and a reply back within an hour, from Yan Yee at CowboyStudios. He asked for a pic of the damaged piece and the order number. Within another hour he replied that he'd be sending a replacement part via USPS and gave me a tracking number. Now that's service!!!! I'll be buying more stuff from CowboyStudios.

  3. Bodi

    Hey Emm,

    I just sent a message about this, I couldn't find this thread earlier sorry. But will this mount work with the Hague MMC?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    You'd have to create some type of modification, but I don't see why not. This guy made an adapter for his, someone would have to make an adapter for the Glidecam.

  5. I popped for one of these on eBay because the iKan was sold out everywhere. Glad I did - good unit at half the price. Used with a 7D and iKan Deluxe Fly kit - just mounted the handles under the cheeseplate and it worked great. ALSO attached it to my Figrig for some handheld work with an HVX200. 1/4" thread on the FigRig center bar makes for perfect offset. Thanks again to Cheesycam for turning me on to this handy tool.

  6. I've noticed that breathing shows up in some footage (esp. at longer focal lengths), so the handle is a comfortable way to take the rig off your chest.

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  8. JayDee

    I've had one for many years and I have to say that the chest support makes it less than stable, especially if you're, like... breathing ?

    It's worth what it costs. I think Duff's use of handles probably makes it a lot more usable.

  9. Duff

    I got one of these after pricing a few different budget rigs and seeing your video. Solid product for the price. I've since modified it to have a handle with a 5/8" screw like the inflated ikan model (except I don't use any of the flimsy attachments) for my 60D.

  10. terry

    Oh great and knowledgeable Emm, where can I get an affordable or even knock off Merlin Steadicam that will support the weight of a 7D?

  11. Amila C

    Hello Emm, last days i picked up this shoulder rig for 30bucks from local stores. Its awesome and pretty handy tool . . .

    Cheers . .

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