DIY Shoulder Rig Counter Weight System

This is a follow up video showing how I mounted the heavy 4 pound weight I purchased to the Gini Shoulder Rig. With a spare dog bone clamp, a straight hole through both items, I was able to run a bolt and a clamp knob to hold it steadily in place. The original article can be found here:

gini-weight (1 of 1)


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20 thoughts on “DIY Shoulder Rig Counter Weight System

  1. Hey, you know, if you made these at an affordable price, mch lower than the extortionate ones on the market right now, I would buy one off you in a flash and I'm sure many others would too

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  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Austin M - I drilled a hole through the dog bone clamp (that was a Gini part). Then I drilled a hole through the Heavy Weight and ran a bolt through it. You could use any nut or thumb knob to lock it in place.

  4. Austin M

    how exactly did you attach the clamp to the weight? did that screw nob thing come with the clamp? did you just stick a screw threw the clamp and weight and attach with a washer and bolt? ive watched the vid several times and cant figure it out.

  5. Emm

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    @HD-tography - I just ran to the local hardware store and grabbed whatever I thought would work for Bolt and Clamp combo. Not sure what size it was.

  6. HD-tography

    Hey great stuff again Emm! I bought the same Gini rig just this week for 399 + 115 shipping after seeing your review, even talked to Gini himself today (he responds if you send simple messages in Korean) and it's on it's way...

    I'm ordering 3lb and a 5lb diver's weights from you link, but wondering if you can link me to that bolt and a clamp knob combo you used in this build?

    Also, assuming I get the same ones, I see you pre-drilled the dog-bone clamp, then drilled it larger for the clamp knob, and finally drilled the lead weight for the bolt huh.

    Anyways I'm sure I can figure it out, I just need to find some of these knob/bolt combos somewhere...

    Great DIY once again, I can't believe the rig counterweights cost $100 and up!

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  8. Emm

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    Only that it would look weird, and wouldn't be as stable. But I guess you can use anything to mount it. Plumbers tape?

  9. Carlos

    Is there any reason that a few large rubber bands wouldn't do a decent job of mounting the counter weight to the rails?

  10. Tom

    Actually, several companies (ex: JAG35) DO use lead-based counterweights, so paying for their version of the weight won't avoid the issue. Secondly, lead is only harmful when consumed or inhaled, not when touched (you wash your hands after touching lead so that you don't accidentally touch your mouth or food, and then ingest). Third, these weights are vinyl sealed and coated, meaning there is no exposed lead. In this, or JAG's weight (assuming JAG properly re-seals theirs), there shouldn't be any worry about lead poisoning.

    Now, all of that said, if you do decide to bolt the block as Emm did, be very careful to reseal the hole (and wear a mask when drilling), as the lead can flake off when using the weight, and it would indeed be pretty close to your mouth/nose, so if you do see lead flake off, don't go licking your fingers! 😉

    You could, of course, place the weight inside a plastic box if you're concerned about potential contamination, or simply use metal washers, attached with an L style bracket ( -- attach a three inch rod to the L, then simply thread washers as needed on to the rod, and bolt the bottom). I myself will be trying out both methods on a Field Runner -- a lead four pounder for heavy setups with full lights, mic, large lens, etc -- and the washer method for small lens + H1 -- though I'll be securing the lead with straps to avoid any lead drilling.

  11. Sam

    There is no way i will place lead weight near my face just to save a few bucks! , thats a false economy!!! iLead is lethal and is in the process of being banned in the US alone. I rather pay the extra 50 bucks and avoid any health risks. it looks great but no thank you.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    Feels much better, but check out a sporting good store and see which weight you might need to order. If you're lucky find a dive shop in the area, they may have these.

  13. Joel

    How much weight or how much gear feels balanced with the four pound weight?

    I picked up a Gigi Lion off your suggestion (amongst other purchases found on this site) and these weights seem like the perfect solution.

  14. ItLooksPro

    I'm curious where I can purchase those dog bone clamps and similar dog bone clamps like the one used here. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks!

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