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Vimeo member Dan Eckert has been working on a dolly project for some time to be used wit his Hyperlapse / Timelapse videos. The dolly is designed to have adjustable wheels to ride on rails or on terrain with pneumatic tires. The video above shows some examples of his work, but keep in mind that there is some scenes with image stabilization done in post. Aside from Time Lapse videos, the dolly still operates as a standard track or table dolly. Price of the unit starts at around $1500 + optional accessories. You can find more about his product (soon to be released) by visiting thecamtrac.com. [Thanks Dan]

the cambriccamtrac timelapse video dolly
camtrac dollydan eckert timelapse dolly camtrac


CamonWheels DIY V Groove Dolly wheels

CamonWheels is offering up some new V-Groove roller wheels for under $8 bucks shipped. Images show the grooved wheels fitting on 15mm rods, 1/4" rod, and 1" PVC. The overall OD of the wheel (outside diameter) is at 1". If you were to build a track dolly of sorts, the V-Groove or U-groove type wheels will help keep them on track.

V-Groove WheelsV-Groove Wheels CamonWheels
find-price-button CamonWheels Video Dolly DIY Wheel Set


Folding Tripod Track Dolliesproaim folding track dolly flex track

DSLR Video Sliders are great, but you're limited to a short run and narrow rails. When you need something that can track for longer movements, then you're getting into track dolly territory. Track dollies are especially handy if you're working on uneven ground (cement, light gravel, short grass). Lay down a 1" PVC pipe or sturdy (yet cheap) Conduit tubing, throw your tripod on a portable folding track dolly and you can get some very effective push / pulls.

The image (above) is from the more expensive Proaim folding track dolly (seen here). For something cheaper, here are two companies (below) that take inexpensive existing folding tripod dollies and modify the casters into track wheels. Both dollies below have swiveling wheel assemblies that can be used on straight or flex (curved) tracks.

The same company making the SteadyDragon stabilizers offers a modded folding tripod dolly with three wheels on each end. The wheels are aligned to roll on the track without derailing.

find-price-button Folding Tripod Track Dolly



J.G. Pasterjak's DIY ladder dolly a.k.a Cinemover is a solid little track dolly. The adjustable width makes it easy to find a variety of different tracks from straight lumber, square tubing, or round rods. Using heavy duty steel perforated square tubing as the chassis and skate wheels / bearings makes for a smooth ride. [Thanks J.G.] Still a hand made DIY (not mass produced), so quantities are limited, and you can check out details if you want to make one yourself. If you're not into building or buying, maybe winning a contest might be up your alley. There's a few RTG (ready to go) versions and other information available on the eBay listing following the link (click here).

find-price-button Cinemover Adjustable Width DSLR Video Ladder Dolly


It looks similar to the Konova and Varavon, but hardly up to the same standards. The bearings are adjustable. I've seen these Smallism sliders before, but they were always expecting way too much. Seems like they know where they stand and have finally brought prices down below Konova. Although the feet/legs aren't anything to brag about, it is an actual roller bearing slider if you want to stray from the IGUS rails.

Konova Slider
You can find Konova's roller bearing track slider (click here).

You can find the Smallism slider at auction (click here).

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Submitted by YouTube member detomaso4ag, here's a simple method to create your DIY Mini Video camera track dolly. For those who don't mind the skate wheels on a pipe track it's a cheap solution to getting smooth gliding camera movements. The trick is getting the wheels drilled in perfectly to the angle iron. If you're slightly off, then the dolly will wobble down the track. For those who aren't ready to tackle the DIY, these mini dollies already exist, found below.

find-price-button Mini Video Camera Track Dolly


If you have the means, the space, and the transportation, ladder track dollies are a great solution for camera movement. Rod shows how he's picked up a set of ready-made 'bolt on' dolly wheels to a simple plywood board to create an 8ft dolly capable of carrying a good amount of weight. In smaller more confined situations a slider is a must, but there's plenty of benefits to using a wider platform for stability in your shots.

find-price-button717A Fluid Head Used on Dolly

These dolly wheels are designed to run on pipes as well, but when possible using a Ladder will provide a very firm solution that can be laid out in just about any type of terrain (gravel, grass, mud) and still maintain a super rigid track - unlike long PVC pipes. In this older article you can see how a ladder was used for a DIY Timelapse rig: https://cheesycam.com/diy-motion-controlled-timelapse/

If you're intersted in building your own dolly system, you could try some angle iron and at least 8 skate wheels + bearings, but if you're slightly off in drilling it's going to cause you quite a bit of wobble. To make things easier, these wheels that Rod is using are an inexpensive solution.

Dolly Wheel Assembly
find-price-button Bolt On Dolly Track Wheel Assembly


It's no secret, people have been building DIY Camera dollies for a long time. You can follow the instructions on the video above, but in my experience, it's a bit tricky to get things lined up perfectly. If you don't have it aligned correctly you get a little wobble or binding in your movement. If you want to save yourself some time and money you can buy pre-built dolly wheels here, and then just get a piece of wood for the stage.

find-price-button Swiveling Caster Video Dolly Track Wheels