DIY Motion Controlled Timelapse

Not a very precise motion controlled unit as the high end versions, but nonetheless a very effective one. Here's another Rotisserie Motor based motion controlled Timelapse slider from Vimeo member Derek Mellot. The video shows some fine examples of it's use as well as some of it's build rolling over an aluminum ladder. The motor used spins at 4rpm, but if you're clever, you can find ways to gear that down. I think the other smaller battery powered version with 2rpm posted earlier would suffice. This one by Derek is a large DIY rig, something you shouldn't plan to be traveling with on a plane, but if you've got the time, the space, and lack a budget, it's a great little DIY project. [Thanks Derek]

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  3. Emm

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    @Jim - he hacked it into a Timer Remote. Those calculators are expensive but cheaper than OEM timers. I suggest just getting an aftermarket timer, like I have.

  4. Emm

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    @J Hanna - LOL, i'm just a small guy a big pond. If you haven't noticed, I try to stay 'relatively' anonymous on the web. In fact i've never had Friendster, MySpace, or Facebook on a personal profile. There's a Cheesycam one, but nothing personal about myself. I don't even use my last name (or first real name). People who have linked to me like I tell them just use 'cheesycam'. My podcast with, just used 'Emm'. Other types of work i've done, i've requested to be removed from the credits. It's not impossible to find me or what I do, but I make little efforts in publicizing myself. I'm not in it to make a name for myself. =)

  5. Hey Emm,
    I've seen timelapses and bts and your reviews but I want to see something you've video or narrative or whatever.
    Do you have any links I can view?

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