DIY Video Track Dolly Pipe Wheels

CamonWheels DIY V Groove Dolly wheels

CamonWheels is offering up some new V-Groove roller wheels for under $8 bucks shipped. Images show the grooved wheels fitting on 15mm rods, 1/4" rod, and 1" PVC. The overall OD of the wheel (outside diameter) is at 1". If you were to build a track dolly of sorts, the V-Groove or U-groove type wheels will help keep them on track.

V-Groove WheelsV-Groove Wheels CamonWheels
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11 thoughts on “DIY Video Track Dolly Pipe Wheels

  1. Toxicchc

    I purchased 2 sets when they were $5. He had a note in the comments saying that it was just a promotional price to see how people respond to them.

  2. Alfi

    Maybe these are of better quality, but I've bought a similar wheels a year back from ebay, but the bearing was terrible and had such a big side lash (you were able to tilt the bearing at least 5-6 degrees)
    That made the whole thing unusable.

  3. I can think of half a dozen things I want to do with them. The delivery was quick. They came wrapped in sandwich bags which was a little strange but they were perfectly fine.

  4. I bought two sets of these and just received them a couple days ago. They are a bit smaller then I was expecting but will work pretty well. The orange portion is a hard plastic. The bearing is not abec rated but is pretty smooth. The bearing is 18mm with a bore of 7mm. All in all they are pretty nice for the price.

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