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[Update] Here's a link to the unboxing:
DP4 EVF Review

If you didn't catch the news about the SmallHD DP4 EVFofficially on sale (as of Yesterday), then you might still have a chance. Limited supply on this item. No video reviews online just yet, except for the brief demos from NAB2011 and those were still in Prototype stages. Let's see how the official ones comes out. Other EVFs claim to be two products in one, but the DP4-EVF is larger at 4" which makes it much better to use as a small external monitor, while still providing a flip up loupe for magnified viewing. Or you can just purchase the DP4 if all you need is a small lightweight HDMI monitor. You can find more information about the new SmallHD DP4-EVF while they are available (click here).

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 10.27.20 PM


The SmallHD DP6 is a serious monitor with some seriously cool features. The price tag may not hit home for the starting shooter, but if you're shopping for a monitor around the 5" mark, the SmallHD puts most others to shame. We're not talking your average 800x480 resolution (yes check those LCD specs carefully), we're talking about a true HD display at 1280x800. The housing is milled aluminum, much like how a MacBook pro is built. It's solid, but at the same time lightweight. Especially if you're shooting with Canon, the DP6 monitor has special features designed to scale video signals for Canon DSLRs which don't usually output in Full HD.


Don't be afraid to step into something that could get outdated quickly. SmallHD has put some forward thinking into their products with a USB port and 2GB thumb drive to make sure you can download and install any new firmware updates. Two features you won't find in cheaper monitors include False Color to help you check for clipping blacks or blown highlights, Peaking to help you ensure things are in focus. If you rely heavily on external monitoring from your video camera, you'll need something better than good, and the SmallHD is a great solid product. SmallHD will also be releasing a new DP4 - 4" LCD specifically designed to be used with a ViewFinder Loupe entering the EVF market. More about SmallHD products can be found at https://smallhd.com


You've probably already seen the video above, who hasn't? It's a great example of the capabilities shot on the GoPro HD Camera. One accessory that was recently released is the LCD BacPac and new firmware that opens up an entirely new world of features. From little things like losing the proper time/date when the battery is removed, to live HD video output. The new BacPac takes the guess work out of proper framing, and flying through the menu is a breeze compared to trying to decipher the old Mayan code on the front LCD. Video with Audio (yes with audio) can easily and instantly be played back to make sure you've got the shot.

If you've never seen the LCD BacPac in action, Olivia's review (below) runs through those 'must have' new features, and check out the SmallHD showing full HD live view from the little GoPro.

The LCD Bacpac comes with 4 different housing 'backs' from waterproof, waterproof for wrist housing, non waterproof housing, and non-waterproof housing for wrist mount. This amazing little camera performs equally well in the Sky, on the Streets, or even under water.

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 6.15.34 AM
find-price-button GoPro LCD BacPac

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 6.13.19 AM
find-price-button GoPro Hero 1080HD

For extended Run time or just longer TimeLapsing, the Battery BacPac is also available

GoPro Battery
find-price-button GoPro Battery BacPac

If you plan on using an External Monitor for some reason, don't go drilling holes through your Waterproof casing (like we did). GoPro has a special housing available for that also so you can run your video cables out to your External Monitor or maybe Asus Wi-Cast for some wireless HD Video Monitoring.

GoPro Housing
find-price-button GoPro HD Skeleton Housing - Hard case


Left to Right - Cineroid EVF, Zacuto EVF, Redrock Micro EVF

Cineroid, Redrock, and Zacuto have all announced EVF (electronic view finder) solutions in the last year to change the very poor unbalanced ergonomics of DSLR video cameras. (Well RedRock doesn't really exist -yet..). The pitch is that you spend a good amount of money on a 3" LCD that can be used as a remote monitor, and then they add on a 'Loupe' to magnify the image and give you a clear image even in the bright sun. Sounds great, i'm totally sold on the idea, but wait. Here's a few new EVF ideas to consider that might make you think a bit differently.


SmallHD DP4 - EVF

DSLR's already have a 3" LCD, so if you're looking to add a remote monitor, why not go a bit bigger? Perhaps SmallHD's newly annouced 4" EVF remote monitor + LCD Loupe. This makes a bit more sense besides being 'of the cheapest' solutions. 4" LCD gives you a bit more usability as a Remote LCD Monitor, and still a very large clear picture when using the Loupe attachment. Why is everyone else stuck on 3"?

Ok so the SmallHD looks like a winner in my book. One of the best displays with highly customizable features makes it a good bang for the buck. Now check out what Cinevate's been up to. The Cyclops is already a ViewFinder Loupe for 3" LCD's, but with the right molds, it can be customized to suit any monitor including Sony's new 5" LCD HDMI monitor. BTW if you're wondering, we did test the Sony LCD on our cameras. It works great and decently priced (for a 5").

find-price-button Sony 5-Inch External LCD Monitor

Cinevate's Cyclops ViewFinder

So if a 3" LCD is just too small to make sense as a remote monitor, or even if a 4" is just a bit undersized, hopefully Cinevate will be able to create adapters for their Cyclops element to mount to a variety of popular LCD's. I wouldn't mind having a Cyclops on my SmallHD DP6 5" LCD.