GoPro LCD BacPac – Overview

You've probably already seen the video above, who hasn't? It's a great example of the capabilities shot on the GoPro HD Camera. One accessory that was recently released is the LCD BacPac and new firmware that opens up an entirely new world of features. From little things like losing the proper time/date when the battery is removed, to live HD video output. The new BacPac takes the guess work out of proper framing, and flying through the menu is a breeze compared to trying to decipher the old Mayan code on the front LCD. Video with Audio (yes with audio) can easily and instantly be played back to make sure you've got the shot.

If you've never seen the LCD BacPac in action, Olivia's review (below) runs through those 'must have' new features, and check out the SmallHD showing full HD live view from the little GoPro.

The LCD Bacpac comes with 4 different housing 'backs' from waterproof, waterproof for wrist housing, non waterproof housing, and non-waterproof housing for wrist mount. This amazing little camera performs equally well in the Sky, on the Streets, or even under water.

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 6.15.34 AM
find-price-button GoPro LCD BacPac

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 6.13.19 AM
find-price-button GoPro Hero 1080HD

For extended Run time or just longer TimeLapsing, the Battery BacPac is also available

GoPro Battery
find-price-button GoPro Battery BacPac

If you plan on using an External Monitor for some reason, don't go drilling holes through your Waterproof casing (like we did). GoPro has a special housing available for that also so you can run your video cables out to your External Monitor or maybe Asus Wi-Cast for some wireless HD Video Monitoring.

GoPro Housing
find-price-button GoPro HD Skeleton Housing - Hard case

9 thoughts on “GoPro LCD BacPac – Overview

  1. Now its time to think about getting a GoPro Black, just waiting for a price drop! I did like the Sony, they have a Carl Zeiss lens and the stabilisation, but I got a bad feeling they did'nt put that in the GoPRO Black and they keep the GoPRO-amature "jitterishness".

  2. Matt

    Sure. I got a bad one, sent it back, got a refund, and then bought a competitors camera.

    I wasn't impressed by the build quality of GoPro out of the box and when it also refused to work I decided to go a different route.

    Big deal. You like it? Use it. I'm just giving my experience.

    Anyway, looks like you got to enjoy some of that "3% faulty" too, eh? That 3% seems to be going around.

    "Mine broke too." Heck of a way to praise their product.

  3. Jason

    I dont know why people who buy electronics automatically badge something as failure if they get a dud..There is a small percentage of all electronics, 3%, that are faulty.

    You should have shipped it back and got another. My LCD bac-pac stopped working for some reason. They 2day air mailed me a new one and threw in a bunch of extra frew accessories for my troubles.

    I own 3 of these myself, and frequently shoot with 5 or more. 10x better than contour. Tanks

  4. Matt

    Nah, sent it back to B&H ASAP. Got the refund.

    I suspect I would have liked using the GoPro. But why bother with a second try?

  5. Matt

    Nice video.

    So I bought a GoPro. It took one still image and then bricked on me. Dead as Billy Joel's career.

    The heck with that.

    Bought a Contour.

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