Samyang 35mm F/1.4 on 5D Mark II

Very few samples are online about Samyang's latest 35mm F/1.4 lens, but here's the one I was interested in from Vimeo member Didier Hartong. While a lens may look fine on a Canon 7D, it could look totally different on a Full Frame camera. This is a decent test of the Samyang on a Canon 5D Mark II. The basic consensus is beautiful bokeh, sharp at F/1.4, and little vignetting. Of course these lenses have no Autofocus or Focus confirmation (which some of us are already used to). I believe this lens is available in Canon, Four-thirds, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung NX, and KM/Sony mounts. Absolutely still nothing via Amazon, the only place to find is on the auction site.

find-price-button Samyang 35mm F/1.4 Manual Focus Lens

19 thoughts on “Samyang 35mm F/1.4 on 5D Mark II

  1. Aberz

    got this for 510 usd , beautiful on my 60D will do a review if I got time. I dont dare to do a Focus confirm chip surgery on it unless someone do a video tut

  2. Your'Z

    Bad luck the Sigma 30 1.4 only work on crop sensorsโ€ฆ

    I think i'll go with the Samyang ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Simon

    Not all focus confirm chip and EOS adapter has E-TTL and micro adjust. If Canon owner is buying a Samyang lens my advice is go for the Nikon mount and buy the focus confirm EOS adapter. It may be more expensive but the resale value is higher because it appeals to both Canon and Nikon owners plus there is no messy glue on the mount.

  4. @Noah
    Maybe you can provide us with a link of the focus confirmation chip on ebay?
    Had a question about it already on Vimeo. I can use one or two for photography (also for the Samyang 85mm F1.4 which I also have)!

  5. @Jelte Altena
    You're welcome! Well, I think it says more about the "domain" of my girlfriend, the kitchen, hehe. But I do like "chicken tandoori"!

  6. Jelte Altena


    Thanks for the film. It says a lot about you haha. You shopping at Albert Heijn and you love to Cook.

  7. Derek

    That does look pretty nice. I'm itching for a 35mm for my 60D as I'd like something a little wider than my 50mm. I was hoping to score a Zeiss 2.0 that someone would be unloading to get the 1.4 but this may be a better option.

  8. Halldor

    I really do love my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 on my 550D ๐Ÿ™‚ Great lens for video and a nice bright normal lens for photography.

  9. Simon

    Just get the Nikon mount version and use a Nikon to EOS adapter with focus confirm.

  10. Carlos D

    I'm wondering more how it compares to the Sigma 30 1.4

    I know the Sigma is crop-only but autofocus and focus confirmation sound like a good trade for future compatibility with a camera I wont have for a year.

    Anybody have experience with the Sigma?

  11. Hi Emm,
    Thanks for mentioning my short test film here! Feels like returning the favor for all the reviews YOU did! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Last Saturday I used the Samyang 35mm for a real shoot on an event. My findings are updated in the text section on Vimeo (however, didn't have time to make a movie of it yet).
    Kind regards,
    Didier Hartong

  12. Ive been waiting for some test shots of this lens. It looks amazing, just curious how it holds up against the Canon 35mm 1.4L. Thanks for posting this video!

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