CN600, CN900, CN1200 LEDs – In Stock

I actually had no clue these were out of stock, but thanks for the emails and information that they are available again. For anyone waiting on these to come back to stock, here they are. As a reminder, only the 600 and the 900's I have can fit into travel size 'Carry On' airplane roller (not the 1200s). The 600 & 900 have the optional V-Mount battery plate so they can be used remotely and the 1200s don't have that option.

find-price-button 600 Led Light Weight Studio Photo Light Dimmable Video Photography Lighting Sony V mount Battery adapter 14.8V DC 110V-230V

find-price-button 900 LED Dimmable Photography Video Camera DSLR 5400K/3200K Lighting Light Panel Sony V Mount battery Adapter INCLUDED 14V OUTPUT 110V-230V

find-price-button 1200 LED Dimmable Video Light Panel Still Photography Studio Portrait Lighting 24V DC, 110V-230V

13 thoughts on “CN600, CN900, CN1200 LEDs – In Stock

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  3. They are indeed exactly the same. I accidentally purchased both the "ephoto" 600 LED model and the "Neewer" model. They are literally the same thing, green spike and all.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - Looks exactly the same. Not sure where the weight difference comes from.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - Where do you see that link? The Neewer company was also offering LCD View finders, but I haven't seen the 600 LED light version.

  6. Rob

    Emm, I'm thinking of picking up a pair of these 600 LED lights but notice there are two slightly different offerings. The ePhoto version is currently $350 and its called a CN600HS. There's a cheaper one for $270 by a company called Neewer and its also called the CN600HS but it has a few minor differences on back and it's listed at 158 oz. which puts it at nearly twice the weight of the ePhoto version. Do you think they are the same thing? Or is the Neewer a knock off?

  7. TM

    I just bought another of the 1200 from ephoto and I really like these lights. Emm, I'm curious what you mean when you say these don't fit into carry on... I have put two of the 1200 into a carry on bag, with the yokes removed and laid on top. I wouldn't think the 900 would fit with the yoke attached?

    One thing I did notice while I was in the store was that the 1200 model seems to have a slightly different color than the 600 and 900 models, perhaps because of the different voltages (24V for the 1200, 12V for the others). The 1200 is greener, while the 1200 and 600 are pinker and probably slightly closer to daylight. But a $6 1/8 minusgreen rosco filter evens the 1200 out to daylight for super-accurate work, so no worries.

    These really are amazing lights for the price, in the ballpark of litepanel light quality, and probably more output.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Jae - I grabbed a set from radio shack with chargers. If you don't need full power, then there is many 12v batteries you can use including he ryobi drill batteries.

  9. Jae

    @Emm - Interesting. I've used those 500LEDs before and found that I'd seldom need them cranked past 75% -- in fact, I found them to be surprisingly bright even at 25%. Would the 12V batteries get the 600LEDs near 75%? Maybe more importantly, do you have any recommendations for 7.2V RC batteries? Thanks again -- your blog has saved my budget and my butt countless times.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Jae - At 12V the light is not at it's brightest. It would best be used with a 14V battery of some type. I used two 7.2V RC car batteries wired up to run in 14.4V and compared it to one that was plugged into the AC wall outlet. They were the same brightness.

  11. Jae

    Just ordered two of the 600s based on your recommendation. Just wondering what would be the best (and most affordable) way of powering these up in the field? Would the 12v drill batteries work? Or would you recommend the portable jump battery? Thanks!

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