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In my first review I mentioned the CAME-ACTION Gimbal could not mount a GoPro LCD BacPac because of the short screws. But I did mention I believed it was strong enough if we could find longer screws. Because people were asking, here's a demo of the CAME-ACTION GoPro Gimbal (with Encoders) supporting the weight of a GoPro with LCD BacPac and ND Filter.

It still works perfectly and is able to stabilize all this extra weight. Checking the website, there are less than dozen left. Hopefully it's not something that goes out of stock and you have to wait weeks for another batch, so if you're still deciding, this is a great GoPro gimbal and it's possible to support all your GoPro accessories.

came-tv action came-action gimbal encoders
VIEW-ITEM CAME-TV GoPro 3-Axis Gimbal with Encoders

Here's an adapter you can use for Painter's Poles if you want a cheap extension for your GoPro. find it (here).

find-price-button Seaport Digital Painter's Pole Adapter with 1/4-20 Male Thread


Whether you're doing portraits or at times shooting green screen video on location, a quick portable backdrop system is a convenient tool to keep around. Here's a look at the PXB Portable Background System from Studio Assets that uses a patented method of framing up an 8x8 muslin backdrop.

As mentioned, it requires special 8x8 muslin backdrops that have pocketed corners for the rods to fit and are available in the most common colors. Of course I can't imagine that it would be difficult to sew up your own if you really had to. You can find the PXB Portable Background System over at SeaPortDigital.com (found here).

PXB 8x8 Backdrop Stand
find-price-button Studio Assets PXB PORTABLE BACKGROUND SYSTEM


Here's a tip on a small tool that offers huge production value in a variety of ways, but it will require you to have a Mac system with a thunderbolt connection. The Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme is an HDMI / Analog Capture and Playback Device. In this video (below) i'll run through just a few examples of how I personally find value in this product.

First, the Intensity Extreme offers 10-bit capture from your HDMI. It's definitely not as portable or as convenient as an Atomos Ninja, but if you already have a Macbook this is a great entry level way to start capturing higher quality HD out of your camera - including the Canon 5D Mark III.

BlackMagic Design Intensity Extreme
Blackmagic Design Media Express Capture Software

Second use for me is as an interface for my camera(s) to Live Streaming services. We've actually used this feature to send a wireless HD signal from a mobile camera. The camera is free to move around, and the wireless HD video (connected to Intensity Extreme via Thunderbolt) streams live out to the internet. We've also connected our HDMI 'Program feed' out from a switch to the Internet.

YouTube WireCast Live Stream BlackMagic Design Thunderbolt Intensity Extreme
WireCast Live Streaming for YouTube

My favorite use for the BlackMagic Intensity Extreme is to use my Macbook as a professional HDMI Preview Monitor. While you can see a live video feed through other software, ScopeBox by Divergent Media takes this feed and applies professional overlays and scopes. The interface is extremely flexible so you can add remove scopes, resize windows, or even go solo full screen. The image from my MBR (retina) has colors that I expect to see when it's time to edit. The resolution and pixel density allow you see your images clear and sharp.

cheesycam use macbook laptop as hdmi video monitor camera blackmagic intensity scopebox dslr video
Using Macbook as HDMI Video Preview Monitor with ScopeBox Software

Even if you can find another large 1080p lcd screen (television), you will need a portable power source and a way to transport the screen. Not to mention the problems you'll run into when working with various resolutions and framerates. If you've got a MacBook available, there's no simpler way to have yourself a professional portable battery powered monitor that's easy to transport by purchasing an Intensity Extreme for less than $290 dollars. Keep in mind that you don't need a beastly Macbook. The Intensity Extreme does all the hard work and can be used with even a lightweight Macbook Air which has amazing battery life.

You can find additional information about the tools mentioned in this article through the links below.

BlackMagic Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt Capture Cheesycam
find-price-button BlackMagic Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt HD/SD Capture

scopebox_logoscopebox scopelink rgb paradescopebox macbook display monitor
find-price-button ScopeBox high quality highly flexible preview monitor

laptop macbook scopebox hdmi video monitor sun shade travel bag caseseaport digital i-visor ivisor sunshade hood monitor display
find-price-button Seaport Digital i-Visor Cases

[Note:] As pointed out by a commenter, you can get most of this functionality with a cheaper BlackMagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder Capture Device. The reason I went with the Intensity Extreme is for the additional features it offers including an HDMI output which I use for my various setups. If all you need is to input your feed to your computer, check out the BlackMagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder Capture Device (here)

BlackMagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder Capture
find-price-button BlackMagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder Capture Device

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With four kids toting around iPods and iPads, i've made it a habit to carry around a portable battery pack. Last year, I've also traveled to a few conventions, and a portable battery is a necessity for my own personal gadgets. When Seaport Digital reached out about their new Power Smart 27K portable Battery, the specs seemed to really fit my needs to charge up my Galaxy Tablet, iPhone, Sony RX100 MK2, and most importantly give me extra runtime with my Macbook Pro Retina. Here's a video look at what comes in the box.

When traveling through airports, watching movies on a plane, and walking around for hours covering a convention there's no time to stop and plug in to a wall outlet. The slim profile of the Power Smart 27K battery makes it easy to slip into my backpack (without the case) when I need to portable power on the go, or when i'm working at a crowded coffee shop fighting for an outlet.

The Power Smart 27K comes with a variety of adapter tips offering extended run times to most laptops, but MacBook Air users will really appreciate the included 'MagSafe Cable'. Many batteries are capable of powering up a Macbook, but Apple has been very protective over it's 'MagSafe' connector. I'm not quite sure how they are able to offer this, but i'm glad they do. The provided cable is using the older MagSafe 1, but you can convert this with a small MagSafe 2 Adapter (found here)
Apple Magsafe to Magsafe 2 adapter
Apple MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Adapter

If portable power (especially for your Macbook laptops) are important, the Power Smart 27K Portable Battery may be something to look into. It comes ready with the necessary adapters and cables and carries a 27000 mAh/97Wh capacity. For more information about the Seaport Digital Power Smart 27K, visit their website at https://seaportdigital.com

find-price-button Seaport Digital Power Smart 27K Portable Battery

Seaport Digital Holiday GiveAway

SeaPort Digital is giving away the i-Visor LS Pro MAG & Studio Assets Tripod. One lucky winner can qualify to win these products, and for more information about how to enter, check out https://SeaPortDigital.com.