Whether you're doing portraits or at times shooting green screen video on location, a quick portable backdrop system is a convenient tool to keep around. Here's a look at the PXB Portable Background System from Studio Assets that uses a patented method of framing up an 8x8 muslin backdrop.

As mentioned, it requires special 8x8 muslin backdrops that have pocketed corners for the rods to fit and are available in the most common colors. Of course I can't imagine that it would be difficult to sew up your own if you really had to. You can find the PXB Portable Background System over at (found here).

PXB 8x8 Backdrop Stand
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19 thoughts on “Studio Assets PXB PORTABLE BACKGROUND SYSTEM

  1. I would love to see one 7 x 9 to fit more location,
    6 x x 6 is a bit too small and 8 is sometime too big.
    It's obvioulsy an indoor product and space is a issue at offices.

  2. This is an identical product that was carried by Calumet Photo before the bankruptcy. Word is they are regrouping with Ritz and reopening some of the Chicago stores. The product under Calumet is called Calumet On-Site Portable Background System.I have two of these systems and absolutely love it! The tension on the rods hold the muslin taught which virtually eliminates wrinkles. Outdoor use... becomes a giant 8x8 sail!!! lol! unless you secure the rods to a stable support.I would imagine that the rods would snap under very strong winds. Pepeprod, you can get this from their UK store which is still operational. The set up beats my old background supports hands down!

  3. Timmy B

    It is definitely a pity that international shipping makes it quite inaccessible. Would love to grab one of these.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @A - It's easier than I make it look. I was doing it in a way to show you the parts. I'm sure with practice you can do it very quickly and vertically too.

  5. This is Awesome! I'm sold, Like you said, It beats putting a roll of paper up all the time.

    I will use this for indoor use only, I love it.

  6. A

    Emm - The PXB portable background system is a really nice looking design - Can the set up be done easily in small spaces such as doing the entire set up vertically/without laying it down. It seems like it could be done that way or does that system need a lot of space to lay it out for set it up and break down.

  7. Lainol

    Hi Emm, a little offtopic, sorry...

    My a7s has a green color in the highlights, in the sky, lights.. only in slog it dessappears, is it normal?

  8. OldCorpse

    @Emm "as a scrim outdoors" but "not on a windy day" - I've had quite a bit of experience with the Westcott Scrim Jim 6'x3.5' and the DJ Butterfly 8'x8' and I'm very pessimistic when it comes to using this as you want. I'm in LA - not exactly a windy city in most locations, but I gotta tell you, with a single stand like pictured, I'd have about zero confidence that this will stand up outside... any very, very, very slight breeze would topple it over or rock it, which you really don't want. Even having two solid c-stands, the 8'x8' would give me issues on non-windy days (just a tiny breeze) - there are almost no days that have perfectly still air. I have to use much heavier stands for my 8'x8'. I am very pessimistic about using this single stand outside. I suppose it may make a difference if you truly live somewhere where there is just zero air movement - sort of like being inside, maybe you can use it there, but otherwise... I doubt it. Of course that's all IMHO, and YMMV. What I like the looks of it for is interiors - it looks like it would b super fast to set up and move around, which is what you want - so for that reason it could be very interesting... thanks for alerting us to this product, Emm!

  9. Emm

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    @Satva - Depends on the background color, but again you can always sew up a different piece of fabric. Fabric is pretty cheap.

  10. Emm

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    @Simon - I was just thinking about using this outdoors with a diffused material as a scrim. Help soften up that harsh sunlight, but of course not on a windy day.

  11. Simon

    One of the main benefits of this that it could be easily moved by one person as it's only one stand - placed on a proper heavy wheeled stand it would excellent in a busy studio environment.

    I would like several black versions just for covering windows or for negative fill outdoors. A version with heavy grid-cloth would also be handy.


  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Southerndude - Right, different fabrics have different properties which is why I mentioned it wouldn't be hard to sew up another type to use on the system. Thanks.

  13. No Offense Emm: I'm not very fond of Muslin, creases way too easy to pack and unpack as a portable backdrop, especially green screen. I use a Green screen back drop by Wescott,

    It's fantastic! I have had it stuffed in to a sack for months, take it out, and hang it up and your ready to go.
    It's made of fleece so it barely wrinkles if at all. Very flat Matt surface so you get No green reflections from it.

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