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If you have a table dolly, you'll know the importance of using a smooth surface to get the best footage. It won't solve every odd surfaced situation, but for most common imperfect surfaces that small table / skater dollies require, here's the Pico Surface Mat.


The Pico Surface Mat offers a thick Neoprene material with a heavy rubberized backing that will allow dollies to track sideways, forward, or back (basically straight across the mat) and reduce tracking vibrations normally caused by floor tiles, concrete, and other slightly textured surfaces.

Measures 46" inches across and 8.5" wide, and can be rolled up during travel. Due to the weight of this item, it's only available to ship to lower 48 US States (FREE SHIPPING). Check out the new Pico Surface Mat over at PhotographyandCinema.com.

find-price-button Pico Surface Mat Neoprene Rubberized Backing


Thanks to HDSLRNOW for the early video overview of the new Komodo Rotating Video Dolly from PhotographyandCinema.com. The Komodo video dolly was designed for the demands of a slightly larger table dolly to support a heavier payload. The unique design uses more surface area around the axles to provide more 1/4-20 mounting areas along the entire Dolly frame.

The Komodo Video Dolly comes complete with a Heavy Duty Ball head and is made available today over at https://PhotographyandCinema.com.

Komodo Dolly_09
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Photography and Cinema LogoKomodo Dolly_02

A few months ago I posted a little contest to give this new dolly a name, so Congratulations to Kerry Garvey of https://www.kerrygarvey.ca for helping us out with that. We decided to go with the suggested name 'Komodo Dolly' [Thanks Kerry]. We'll be shipping one of the first units out to Kerry for the win.

The Pico Dolly from PhotographyandCinema.com is a very versatile unit, but some have expressed interest for a slightly larger table dolly. The new Komodo Dolly is not only a bit larger than the Pico, but it also has a unique adjusting baseplate design that allows for a more compact tracking position and added several mounting options for accessories.

Komodo Dolly_07
Komodo Dolly_09
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Before the Komodo Dolly becomes available at PhotographyandCinema.com, they've decided to hold a little contest, and a total of 16 (yes sixteen) lucky people have a chance to win various prizes before it's released for sale. All you have to do is upload a short video review on YouTube about any of your favorite P&C gear (grip, swiss rods, pico dolly, etc.), plug the PhotographyandCinema.com website, and submit a link to your video in the comments of this article.

Prize Information

  • Grand Prize winner will receive the new Komodo Dolly (before it's released for sale).
  • Two Second-Place Winners will receive a Pico Dolly Kit (complete with Friction Arm + Shark Clip)
  • Three Third-Place winners will receive a Pico Dolly (dolly only)
  • And for honorable mention to some excellent Video Reviews submitted to our contest, we're giving away (10) TEN individual P&C Pistol Camera Grips.
  • Contest Ends and all submission must be placed by June 30th, 2012.
    [Update] Comments Closed, thanks everyone. We'll send out your prizes.

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    Here's a look at a prototype motorized trailer sent to me today and it's attached to a PNC Pico Dolly. Still a prototype, it's supposed be universal and have some mounting options to attach to several different dollies or maybe even sliders? The idea is to have a motorized push cart to have consistent movement all of the motors, batteries, wiring, and switches all self contained into one little unit.


    There's a few 1/4x20 threads to mount other accessories on the little push car too. From the image it looks like it's around 4" wide. I have no additional information about availability or pricing at this time. What do you guys think about something like this? For more about the Pico Dolly, you can find that information at the following page: https://www.photographyandcinema.com
    Pico Dolly from PhotographyandCinema.com


    Thanks to YouTube member dim3m for sending in this fine example of a modified Pico Flex Dolly. [Thanks dim3m] The rear trailer contains the servo, servo controller, batteries, etc. The laser alignment shows you the cross point reference for the center of rotation. Having motorized control gives you more consistent movement across the entire rotation. Aside from fancy rotating shots, the Pico Flex can mimic side to side slider shots, or push / pull dolly shots. Especially useful for B-Roll, cut away, or pick up shots with small product reviews. For more information on the Pico Flex Skater Table Dolly check out PhotographyandCinema.com.

    PicoPico (15 of 19)
    find-price-button Pico Flex - Table Skater Rotating Video Dolly


    Great job from Vimeo member Oliver for this DIY motorized Pico Flex Table Dolly. It's a direct friction based drive wheel, which doesn't require much torque. The dolly rolls very easily with little effort from a motor. I was testing out something similar several weeks ago using a pulley wheel to a continuous rotating servo found (here). I used the same basic battery box, continuos rotating servo, and speed controllers as in the DIY motorized JuicedLink slider project. You can find a list of those parts (here). I can see that Oliver is using a servo tester, which is a much cheaper solution than the servo controller I was using. [Thanks Oliver]

    If i'm correct, that servo tester is just the basic ones found over at eBay (click here).

    find-price-button Servo Tester


    Thanks to YouTube member chrisbourke for sharing some unusual shots with the Pico Flex Dolly. Here's another small post for those who were waiting on the Pico Flex Dolly 'Complete Kit' and International Shipping. For select countries you can finally purchase the complete kit which includes one 11" friction arm and Shark Camera Clamp. It's now available from ePhoto Inc. following the link below.

    PicoPico (15 of 19)
    find-price-button Pico Flex Skater Dolly Complete Kit


    (above) Original Pico Flex Dolly Demo video

    For the first time, the Pico Flex Dolly is available Internationally. As usual all of this information will be updated at the main product website https://PhotographyAndCinema.com.

    The first retailer ePhoto Inc., has decided to carry the Pico Flex Dolly units (dolly only at this time) and is offering the units for sale in both USA and International to some countries. They have only a limited quantity at this time, so if you've been waiting for the opportunity, the time is now (click here).

    PicoPico (11 of 19)
    find-price-button Pico Flex Skater Dolly - via eBay

    For USA customers, the Pico units were also not available on Amazon recently. ePhoto Inc has also added a listing over at Amazon following the link (click here).

    PicoPico (4 of 19)
    find-price-button Pico Flex Skater Dolly - via Amazon


    Hopefully people are pretty familiar with the Pico Flex Table Dolly and I don't need to give these little tools an introduction. There were two pre-orders open a few weeks ago which were wiped out very quickly once the item was featured on PetaPixel, Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, and practically every other top gadget blog out there (thanks for noticing guys!). It's taken a while to get a few of these back in inventory, since Photography and Cinema is a small outfit.

    Without hesitation, here's another opportunity. Small inventories move pretty quickly so consider it while it's available (International not available - just yet, sorry guys). Updates for International will be found at PhotographyAndCinema.com. Or follow me on Twitter when I make that announcement https://twitter.com/#!/cheesycam.

    [Update] No longer available via Amazon. You can find more information of where these units will be available at https://PhotographyandCinema.com or at this time the package is available via eBay (click here).

    Pico Dolly eBay
    find-price-button Pico Flex Dolly