New Komodo Video Dolly – Available

Thanks to HDSLRNOW for the early video overview of the new Komodo Rotating Video Dolly from The Komodo video dolly was designed for the demands of a slightly larger table dolly to support a heavier payload. The unique design uses more surface area around the axles to provide more 1/4-20 mounting areas along the entire Dolly frame.

The Komodo Video Dolly comes complete with a Heavy Duty Ball head and is made available today over at

Komodo Dolly_09
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15 thoughts on “New Komodo Video Dolly – Available

  1. TexaCam

    Well, I got mine and it looks great. No nicks or scuffs here. This thing is built like a tank. I'm considering ordering one more and some zip ties to mount them on my feet so I can skate around while filming. DIY human dolly...

  2. HD-tography

    Same here... arrived with obvious signs of use like nicks and scuffs (or poor QC/Handling perhaps?)... haven't tested it yet but looks like a good build... cheap ball head is better build than expected so that's a plus (but also with signs of use/poor handling)... I think it's weird that the included ball head has 1/4-20 threading and the dolly comes with a 3/8 adapter... Finally, I'm pretty unhappy about the COD $25 Customs charge I had to pay at the door (Canada)... Beware! In the end after $40 in shipping/customs costs this cost me $175 USD to get it in my hands up here in Canada... I don't think it's worth that much at all, but well see after a few shoots.

  3. Derek Bruce

    @ Emm - I had suggested that, but that's when I was met with having to pay for it myself per their policy.

    Update: I had to suggest to them a couple of options, to either return and exchange but not pay for shipping, or discount it. Someone brought the email to a manager's attention and they did finally offer a discount or to send me a return shipping label. I just wish I didn't have to fight for it so much. In the end, I will fine with a discount and hope they package better and have better quality control perhaps.

  4. Derek

    Customer service highly lacking. I received mine damaged, the edges of the platform looked like someone hit it with a rod, the metal was pitted, gouged even. Two of the wheels have obvious wobble, the flat rate USPS box was crushed and the contents were poorly packaged.
    I reported it and all I got was a "Sorry" with no solution. I asked about an exchange and was told I would have to pay for shipping.
    So I have to pay MORE to get it in the condition it should have been to begin with and wait for them to inspect it?

  5. Yao

    Looks like a great platform for larger video cameras as well. Good review, very clear and concise. Will order mine soon.

  6. HD-tography

    Just picked up one on an impulse... so happy the boys at are shipping DIRECT to Canada now, and at a flat rate of $15 an item is nice, although I would have picked up several more friction arms if the shipping was reduced for adding a few of those small items, but just couldn't justify $44 "per arm".

    Does this come with a nice carry bag like the Pico Flex did? I don't really need another cheap ball head as I've got plenty of high end ones...

  7. I would love to see a side by side comparison with the pico dolly. I had to sell the pico I bought because it was not big enough. I built one the was able to suit most of my needs but all of them.

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