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Photo Plus Expo 2013 coverage continues check out the Flex Lens Shade. The Flex Lens Shade can be folded flat taking up minimal space in your travel bag, while the design allows it to universally fit any SLR camera lens or as an extension to your existing lens hood.

Keiko talks to inventor and founder Thomas Hogan about the origins and functionality of Flex Lens Shade in the video below.


The Flex Lens Shade is an adjustable flexible lens shade that fits any SLR lens.The Flex Lens Shade is the only tool on the market to block unwanted light flare. At only 1.2 ounces, the Flex Lens Shade will become a tool that you always carry in your camera bag every day.

The Flex Lens Shade was developed to be durable, professional and lightweight. With its Ballistic Nylon shell, double stitch sewing and finished edges, the Flex Lens Shade is durable for everyday use.

The Flex Lens Shade's unique designand finished look will empress clients instead of the old gaffers tape you may have used in the past to block unwanted light.

At only 1.2 ounces, the near weightless Flex Lens Shade can be carried in your camera bag everyday with its lay flat design and lightweight feature. Sun flare, indoor light flare and studio light flare can ruin an excellent image.

Flare can also ruin an image due to the focus unit trying to focus through the flare causing the image to be out of focus. Often you are not able to move to avoid the light flare or maybe didn't notice it when taking the photo and that moment is gone.

Fits Any SLR Lens / Lightweight only 1.2 oz. / No glue or adhesive / Quick installation / Bend in any direction / Sturdy and durable

More information can be found at https://FlexLensShade.com and is also available via Amazon (found here).
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Here's another product we checked out over at PhotoPlus Expo 2013 NY. INOVATIV CARTS offer three main lines of equipment carts, each with three different versions depending on your needs. Accessories can be added to each cart to further customize the product according to your requirements. The carts can be broken down and folded up for travel without the use of any tools.

If you're shooting as a hobby, these are definitely pricey with the smallest Scout version starting at around $2500 dollars. If you're a professional who's shopped around, this is one of the more affordable portable Equipment Cart systems. I'm a big fan of rolling carts, and use them every single day, but I'm only using very cheap tool carts in the studio (as seen here). My cheap carts definitely aren't made for travel.

If the price of these folding INVOVATIV Carts can be justified by the work you do, you can find more information about INOVATIV Carts at their website https://invovativcarts.com.

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INOVATIV Mobile Equipment Carts - ECHO / RANGER / SCOUT