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Here's another product we checked out over at PhotoPlus Expo 2013 NY. INOVATIV CARTS offer three main lines of equipment carts, each with three different versions depending on your needs. Accessories can be added to each cart to further customize the product according to your requirements. The carts can be broken down and folded up for travel without the use of any tools.

If you're shooting as a hobby, these are definitely pricey with the smallest Scout version starting at around $2500 dollars. If you're a professional who's shopped around, this is one of the more affordable portable Equipment Cart systems. I'm a big fan of rolling carts, and use them every single day, but I'm only using very cheap tool carts in the studio (as seen here). My cheap carts definitely aren't made for travel.

If the price of these folding INVOVATIV Carts can be justified by the work you do, you can find more information about INOVATIV Carts at their website

Echo_Hero_PP_01_a-796x588 Ranger_Hero_PP_01-796x588 Scout_Hero_PP_01-796x588
INOVATIV Mobile Equipment Carts - ECHO / RANGER / SCOUT


20 thoughts on “Inovativ – Mobile Equipment Carts

  1. Rob S.

    The higher end Rock and Roller carts can use an optional carpeted shelf. Not as solid as this one but a good budget option.

  2. Altamiradora

    How much gold plating is there on these carts !

    Frankly, I like the innovative design but the price is not an innovation !

    Very overpriced ! They are trying to surf on a nonexistent wave !

  3. Michael Solomon


    I personally have a senior Backstage TR-04 cart that I love. My friend (who is a DIT) has their smaller junior sized cart. I think the cart itself is about ~$800? Then he just used their manufactured accessories to kit it out as a DIT cart. Monitor brackets, power hub, etc. I think he said all in he spent something like ~$2000. Folds up into a nice self contained box and is super easy to transport.

  4. Marc B

    It's always great to learn about new developments like this, but I've found it works out better for us to buy cheaper carts from industrial suppliers and modify them.

  5. @Emm - dont know what way you're using them, so hard to tell. you can get the top and bottom shelves and what Inovation doesnt offer, expand the length.
    i'm not saying they arent nice... they are, some really cool ideas there... but way overpriced.
    even Magliners that are used on the film sets for millions of years are under or around $1000

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael Solomon - I would be interested to find a cheaper one that does what the INOVATIV Carts can do. Do have a link to a similar product from those other carts? I'm looking for one that breaks down for travel without tools and can be used as a workstation.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Dominik - They are great for moving gear, but I'm not sure those carts can be workstations like the way I use them, or that they would be good for travel.

  8. Michael Solomon

    Plenty of industry standard carts already do the same exact thing at a much cheaper price point. Magliner, backstage, etc.

  9. Rob S.

    Looks like a nice cart but pricey. I use the Rock and Roller cart. The budget option that's loved by indie filmmakers across the nation.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @stan perry - You always have the option to use the cheap stuff like I do. I have no shame in my carts. They are functional for my studio needs...

  11. stan perry

    well thats a great cart ... just the price ... $2500 for its lowest model... crazy ... but all in all looks like it would be a great product to have ...

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