Rolling Service Tool Carts for Gear

This might be a helpful tip to a few people out there. I used to work as an auto tech (cars), and rolling tool carts were not only an easy way to transport your tools, but also a great way to keep things organized. I'm also using the same practice for my camera equipment.

Here's a peek at a few tool carts i'm using in the studio. These are just basic tool carts you can find at your local hardware or auto parts stores. The tool carts roll close to the set, giving me a table area to work on, while keeping all the gear together and easily accessible. You'll have less of a chance loosing small parts (batteries, SD cards, lens caps).

cheesycam camera video tool cartcheesycam tool cart camera gear

Some of the items on the cart during a shoot include clamps, small hand tools, charged batteries, white balance cards, slate, QR plates, audio recorders, headphones, lenses, camera bodies, microphones, friction arms, HDMI Monitors, cables, and of course gaffer tape. There are expensive dedicated Grip Carts on the market, but for now I seem to be getting by using these inexpensive service carts.

I would first check your auto parts store or hardware store to see if they carry something like this. I purchased the black cart for just $60 bucks at my Lowes, but you can also find many different versions online (here).

camera gear service tool cartrolling plastic cart video gearservice cart tool gearvideo gear cart tool rolling
find-price-button Rolling Tool Service Equipment Gear Cart

12 thoughts on “Rolling Service Tool Carts for Gear

  1. Dennis

    Hi Emm! Have you heard of the Rock n Roller carts? I use the R12RT All Terrain model and purchased a carpeted shelf for it which can be used in a short or long configuration. I absolutely love this cart and I've been using these for a couple of years now on all my shoots. It's a work horse. It folds neatly when not in use then unfolds to carry all my gear to the location and transforms into a work table once everything is set in place.

  2. getem

    @ Michael Solomon

    The only laughing you would get on set is if you didn't know what you were doing, which seems like it.

    A cart is a cart, some better than others but to say this is laughed at and this is not is complete rubbish.

    Thanks for the posts @Emm

  3. Michael Solomon

    ..... There's a reason Yaeger and Magliner are standard on sets.... I would get laughed off a set if I showed up with a rubbermaid cart

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Simon - Yes, I would highly recommend those heavy duty plastic carts. They are used in many industries including the restaurant business and take a good beating.

  5. Simon

    The carts I notice on Film and TV shoots that take a complete kicking and NEVER die are the plastic Rubbermaid ones.

    In general the lightweight steel ones are complete rubbish - they twist and flex and creak under load. The castors tend to be poor also. Don't even consider a fold up one since that is what they will do under any kind of load.

    This is the Rubbermaid type I buy:


  6. Emm

    Post author

    @eleese - I was specifically looking for a multi shelf cart with deep trays to keep lenses from rolling off and keeping small parts in. Unfortunately the ones I chose don't break down for travel, but they still aren't too big to fit in my small Honda Fit hatchback.

  7. eleese

    I actually started searching for a reasonably priced film tools like cart late last week. After reading an article from HDVideoPro I've decided to try a Rock n Roller R12RT along with several accessory shelves and their multi-media shelf.

    While these aren't $60 bucks they're certainly cheaper than film tools carts and do fold up for relatively easy travel.

  8. anywhere Origami R3-01W distributed in Canada? Can only find it on ebay with $60/shipping as well.

    Great product - I was just researching some last week, but this one takes the cake!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @getem - These are not foldable, I use them only in the studio, not on location. Maybe this one will help. It's another very cool shelf below that folds, can hold 250 lbs on the shelf, and even comes with wheels for just $60 bucks.

    It does not come with trays to keep small parts from falling through, but i'm guessing if you travel, you'll have everything in rolling cases.

    find-price-button Folding Shelf Rack Rolling Cart

  10. getem

    Are these foldable, would like to buy but I have a car and would need these to fold so I can work with them. How else would I fit these in my car....

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