Satechi BlueTooth Smart Trigger for iOS

A few months ago, Satechi released a bluetooth camera remote trigger that can add additional features your DSLR camera may lack. Here's a fun video from the GearAddix team that shows a bit more about the Satechi Remote in use.

I originally thought this could render your phone useless while it's controlling the camera, but one thing noted in the video (above) is that the app can continue to control the camera even while texting, tweeting, reading emails, surfing the web, etc.

The Satechi Smart Trigger is a fully functional wireless timer remote designed to be controlled from your iPhone or iPad. Use the Smart Trigger app to control your DSLR camera with three unique shooting modes: REGULAR (basic wireless remote), MANUAL SHOT (long exposure), or TIMED SHOT
(techniques like time-lapses).

The Satechi Smart Trigger can be found via Amazon (Click Here)
Satechi BlueTooth Smart Trigger
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4 thoughts on “Satechi BlueTooth Smart Trigger for iOS

  1. I got that piece. It works like crap! To pair with iphone it fails 99/100.
    After you pair it it will work well only in single shoot mode. It freeze very easy and Customer support send me tutorial what to do. So after the camera start shoot uncontrolled you have to spend at least 10minutes to restart your phone, remove device from Bluetooth list, set up again.... totally bullshit.

  2. scottrellwi

    I think I remember seeing an option in the Magic Lantern menu to start video with shutter button. It would be really cool to compose the video image with iPad and start/stop video even if that's all it does.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Verm - Many of the new cams will start stop video on shutter command. This can do it if your camera has the setting.

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