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NAB 2016, Konova introduces the Sun Jib available in three different lengths (S400, S700, and S900). The design is slightly different than most jibs as the self leveling mechanism is completely enclosed into a single bar.

konova sun jib crane
Learn-More-sm Konova Sun Jib S400 S700 S900

The SunJib is not only simple and fast to setup, but also designed specifically to be 'Vibration and Flex Free' (no wiggle) allowing for smoother camera motion. They claim that you can stand a coin up on it's side and boom the SunJib without the coin falling over. This precision and smooth operation is helpful for longer focal length lenses, or close up Macro work where any movement would be highly exaggerated.

More information about the Konova Sun Jib is available at https://KonovaPhoto.com (found here)

konova sun jib vibration free
Learn-More-sm Konova Sun Jib S400 S700 S900

NAB2016 Alzo Video shows off an optional motor that can be added to the " target="_blank">Smoothy Radius and Linear Slider. This flexible slider can be used as a straight track or curved slider for a parallax effect.

For those using CFL Lighting kits, Alzo is now offering new LED Bulbs that offer longer life, better color, and more durability. A standard 22W LED Bulb starts at just $20 dollars and 32W LED Bulbs at $34 dollars. For more information about these products, check out the links below.

alzo smoothy radius linear slider
Learn-More-sm Alzo Smoothy Radius and Linear SSlider

alzo cfl replacement led light bulb video photo e27
Learn-More-sm Alzo Video 22W + 32W LED Photo Video Light Bulb


As camera systems get smaller one design issue could be the smaller batteries that leave us with short run times. This is especially true with many of Sony's mirrorless camera systems. If you're looking for longer run times, IndiPro Tools has a number of different Battery and Power solutions available as seen in this interview during the NAB 2016 show.

One important design difference with the IndiPro Tools cables they point out is having DC converters placed outside of the dummy battery. Not only does this reduce any possible heat from generating inside the camera (problem for some Sony cameras), but they also say it prevents any digital noise (a.k.a RF, EMI, etc.) that could affect your recorded footage.

You can find IndiPro Tools External Battery and Power Solutions over at B&H (click here).

indipro tools external dummy battery cable sony a7s a7r a6300indipro tools external battery sony a7s
Learn-More-sm IndiPro Tools External Camera Battery and Power Solutions