Konova Sunjib – NAB Show 2016

NAB 2016, Konova introduces the Sun Jib available in three different lengths (S400, S700, and S900). The design is slightly different than most jibs as the self leveling mechanism is completely enclosed into a single bar.

konova sun jib crane
Learn-More-sm Konova Sun Jib S400 S700 S900

The SunJib is not only simple and fast to setup, but also designed specifically to be 'Vibration and Flex Free' (no wiggle) allowing for smoother camera motion. They claim that you can stand a coin up on it's side and boom the SunJib without the coin falling over. This precision and smooth operation is helpful for longer focal length lenses, or close up Macro work where any movement would be highly exaggerated.

More information about the Konova Sun Jib is available at https://KonovaPhoto.com (found here)

konova sun jib vibration free
Learn-More-sm Konova Sun Jib S400 S700 S900

One thought on “Konova Sunjib – NAB Show 2016

  1. OldCorpse

    Very interesting! The biggest problem that I've always had with jibs was exactly what is addressed here: vibration and flexing. There are many interesting things in this design. And the price is not too high.

    I'm very, very tempted :)... however - I have kind of moved away from using jibs altogether because gimbals have gotten so much better. I know of course that jibs and gimbals do different things, but for my uses it's "close enough" as they say. If I was doing very precise repeat movement, macro or product filming, yeah, a jib like this would be a godsend... but, that's not what I do most of the time, I do narrative stuff, so for me a gimbal covers jib functions "close enough" - one less piece of gear to buy and lug around.

    Now, if I were to buy a jib, no question - this would be it! Of course, the fixed size is a minor drawback, but otherwise, this is an amazing piece of kit. If I had extra cash lying around, I'd go for it. Fantastic find, Em, thanks for highlighting it!

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