Alzo Video motorized option for Smoothy Radius and Linear Slider + New LED Bulbs – NAB2016

NAB2016 Alzo Video shows off an optional motor that can be added to the " target="_blank">Smoothy Radius and Linear Slider. This flexible slider can be used as a straight track or curved slider for a parallax effect.

For those using CFL Lighting kits, Alzo is now offering new LED Bulbs that offer longer life, better color, and more durability. A standard 22W LED Bulb starts at just $20 dollars and 32W LED Bulbs at $34 dollars. For more information about these products, check out the links below.

alzo smoothy radius linear slider
Learn-More-sm Alzo Smoothy Radius and Linear SSlider

alzo cfl replacement led light bulb video photo e27
Learn-More-sm Alzo Video 22W + 32W LED Photo Video Light Bulb