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Vimeo member Stephen Diaz has already received the GoPro Dive Housing (Flat Lens) which allows the GoPro to focus properly underwater. Here's an early test video. The GoPro Dive housing is a must have to improve the quality of underwater footage, and fortunately it's the cheapest Flat Lens upgrade available for around $49 dollars. [Thanks Stephen].

find-price-button GoPro Dive Housing AFLTH-001



GoPro has opened up pre-orders for their new Flat Lens Dive Housing. You can find more information at their website. https://gopro.com/hd-hero-accessories/dive-housing/


GoProHD Hero 2 Dive Housing Flat Lens Fix Blur Underwater Cheesycam Blog
(above) Possible GoPro Flat Lens Housing - Winter 2012

For years people have known that the stock GoPro Hero curved lens housing caused soft images underwater. We did a test not long ago showing how different a flat lens is compared to the stock GoPro (click here).

Several different companies addressed the problem with aftermarket flat lens kits, but where was GoPro's answer all this time? Well earlier today, Michael wrote in and shared some information about a GoPro Hero 'Dive Housing'. He's including some images from the GoPro product manual. States it would be available in Winter of 2012, compatible with HD Hero and HD Hero 2 cameras, for an MSRP of $49.99. I couldn't find any more information on the internet about this so far, looks like some exclusive stuff, spread the word. [Thanks Michael].

From the Manual

Dive Housing
Available Winter 2012

The Flat Lens Housing provides maximum photo and video sharpness underwater in all resolutions.

The HD HERO's standard housing features a curved lens to maximize a wider field of view above water while keeping the lens as small as possible. While brilliant for above water use, the curved lens reduces the sharpness of photos and videos when used underwater. The Flat Lens Housing features a large, flat, lens that capture sharp photos and video above and underwater in any resolution setting. Waterproof to 197ft/60m, the Flat Lens Housing is ideal for diving, snorkeling, and any underwater filming scenario.

The Flat Lens Housing is compatible with the HD HERO, HD HERO2, and all GoPro Mounts and Accessories.

GoPro HD Hero Flat Lens Dive Housing
Click image for Larger View of Product Manual