GoPro Dive Housing – Flat Lens


GoPro has opened up pre-orders for their new Flat Lens Dive Housing. You can find more information at their website.

9 thoughts on “GoPro Dive Housing – Flat Lens

  1. Ryan

    You realize that the GoPro housing was NEVER intended to produce high-quality underwater footage? The curved lens was/is superior for the average GoPro user. To presume GoPro made some sort of error by not providing the flat lens housing and/or suggesting a free upgrade is assinine. A little research before your vacation would have resulted in finding this information out yourself. You have no one to blame for your ignorance.

  2. Niel,
    I didn't mean any disrespect, but I'm just stating the facts.I have been hearing the hipe on this camera for some time now and kept going back and forth on if to buy it or not and to be quite honest I was not impressed.Part of me realized that a camera with this small of a form factor could not produce a quiality of video that can be used in production work, but I thought it would at least compete with my old consumer HD Sony. I beleive with the up coming firmware that will change, but as for the housing I beleive this was a defect from the first Hero and thought it would corrected with the Hero2.Yes I was able to capture video under water and at a price point I could never even think of doing with the housing that are available for my Canon 5D, but at what expence.It's a great little camera and with a little work in post you can get a half decent above water shot, but under water is another thing. I don't want something free I just want what I paid for and what the company markets with there sample video's.Ultimately I will be like the rest and purchase the new housing as the after market version is a lot more expensive and voids any warrenty, I just wished they would at least offer a discount for current customers.

  3. Neil

    Jospeh and Luke - Really? Jeez, some people are never happy are they? Of the many manufacturers out there GoPro is extremely reasonably priced and they are always offering deals and promotions.

    If they offered you a free dive housing you'd probably still be complaining that you didn't get a free wi-fi bacpac for the many inconvenient times you could of used an accessory like that in the past...

  4. Luke,
    Yes I think that would be a fine gesture, but I'm not holding my breath. I think the bacpak is a nice addition, however I'm really looking forward to the new firmware update, that will hopefully improve the resolution and allow to integrate the footage with my other camera's.

  5. Luke


    that would be nice, huh... a goodwill gesture to everyone that has spent money on their products.

    I doubt it will happen though.

    I would rather gopro just give us a firm date on the wifi bacpac!

  6. I just purchased the Hero2 last month. I used it when I went on vacation and to be quite honest the video looked like crap, especial when I took it under water the picture was blurry.I was tempted to buy the after market under water casing but I found out when I went to NAB that they were releasing this one. I think Gopro should give these to current customers to replace the crappy one that came with the kit, since the picture with the current housing is terrible for underwater shooting.

  7. Matt

    Argh! I ordered the Snake River kit yesterday! Let's hope it outperforms the GoPro housing - for my sake 🙂

  8. seems ok for $50?
    wonder how it will compare to the aftermarket ones

    hope we dont get gouged in AU 😐

    still waiting for the protune firmware though!

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