GoPro HD Hero Dive Housing – New Flat Lens?

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(above) Possible GoPro Flat Lens Housing - Winter 2012

For years people have known that the stock GoPro Hero curved lens housing caused soft images underwater. We did a test not long ago showing how different a flat lens is compared to the stock GoPro (click here).

Several different companies addressed the problem with aftermarket flat lens kits, but where was GoPro's answer all this time? Well earlier today, Michael wrote in and shared some information about a GoPro Hero 'Dive Housing'. He's including some images from the GoPro product manual. States it would be available in Winter of 2012, compatible with HD Hero and HD Hero 2 cameras, for an MSRP of $49.99. I couldn't find any more information on the internet about this so far, looks like some exclusive stuff, spread the word. [Thanks Michael].

From the Manual

Dive Housing
Available Winter 2012

The Flat Lens Housing provides maximum photo and video sharpness underwater in all resolutions.

The HD HERO's standard housing features a curved lens to maximize a wider field of view above water while keeping the lens as small as possible. While brilliant for above water use, the curved lens reduces the sharpness of photos and videos when used underwater. The Flat Lens Housing features a large, flat, lens that capture sharp photos and video above and underwater in any resolution setting. Waterproof to 197ft/60m, the Flat Lens Housing is ideal for diving, snorkeling, and any underwater filming scenario.

The Flat Lens Housing is compatible with the HD HERO, HD HERO2, and all GoPro Mounts and Accessories.

GoPro HD Hero Flat Lens Dive Housing
Click image for Larger View of Product Manual

55 thoughts on “GoPro HD Hero Dive Housing – New Flat Lens?

  1. TheoLM

    Apparently there has been some new developments and this housing might be sold soon?
    Can anyone substantiate this?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - There's some information about this in our NAB coverage, and I believe it will be something you mount to your existing case. No filters available for color correction (at this time).

  3. @Emm - Thanks for your reply. But I did not get it already.

    Until now, I thought, GoPro will offer a complete new housing with a mounted flat lens!

    When I have to use the several housings which came with my LCD, will I have to mount the flat lens myself? Or does GoPro only offer the flat lense, which I have to mount myself anyway?

  4. Another question: Will the underwater housing fit w/ the lcd backpack, too? I read often now, that the housing will be "compatible with the HD HERO, HD HERO2, and all GoPro mounts and accessories", but in fact there must be sold two different housings, right?

  5. Geerup

    I think GoPro screwed up a little. Its not like this blurry problem was discovered yesterday, and it could have been anticipated by anyone with a background in optics.
    Also funny to considered that the CEO and creator of GoPro was a surfer.
    Granted the SCUBA and snorkeling market is probably just a fraction of the /ski/surf/bike market but still they should have had the flatlens case out a year and a half ago.

  6. Sam G

    'dont hold your breath' good one Timmy

    let them have their extra time, gopro needs that time to get the product right and get the price low all for us! but i dont like how they can hold us up for a long time telling us 'its next week''its next week'!
    id rather they sell it as a separate piece as you want the other housing for above water as well.
    i hope they keep the price kool for us aussies on the dive housing, we have a rrp of 400 for the gopro2 while u americans get it for 300 with an exchange rate favorable to us ๐Ÿ˜•

  7. Mike


    Hi Emm,
    I take it when you are at NAB that GoPro did not have this unit for sale to anyone?
    I am going to a SCUBA expo this weekend, I would assume GoPro would have a booth but I doubt they would have these cases for sale.

  8. Hello everybody,
    Google directed me to this blog as I'm awaiting the GoPro underwater lense just as you do.

    Right yesterday I was asking @GoPro about the lense an the reply was -mh, let's call it- sparse: "GoPro Dive Housing coming very, very soon."

    Minutes later, another reply flew in (@jadidas91): "sorry but a June release is not soon at all"

    Well, I'm really new to the GoPro Community, but this policy is really remembering me to Canon. ๐Ÿ™

    Remains to hope the best...


  9. Timmy

    @Werner - If GoPros past behavior has shown anything is that pushing back the release date on this product is becoming a habit. I wouldn't hold your breath.
    Personally I was waiting for the GoPro flat lens case but now I am just gonna fork out the extra money for the Backscatter Flat Case which.

  10. Werner

    It will be sold only as an accessory or also like "scuba editionโ€ ? The best would be to have the edition with flat lens housing and wirst mount!

    But best of all I need it before june!

  11. Alex

    Just contacted Gopro -
    "The Dive Housing will be available Spring-Summer 2012. The flat lens housing features a large, flat lens that captures sharp photos and video above and underwater in any resolution setting. Waterproof to 197ft/60m,.the flat lens housing is ideal for diving, snorkeling, and any underwater filming scenario. The Dive Housing is compatible with the HD HERO, HD [email protected], and all GoPro mounts and accessories"

  12. Jose Gonzalez

    @Emm my source says its now delayed until June, i hope you cant confirm this and its sooner, post the interview here please

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Sam G. - I'm here in Las Vegas NAB2012, and GoPro is showing it here. We'll be doing an interview with them later.

  14. Sam G

    any1 know when this is going to come on sale, im a keen spearfisherman in Australia and wanted to do some filming
    so ive herd
    'some' aftermarket lens DO NOT fit the gopro2 perfectly as the gopro as a tinny bit larger, as a result some cases have leaked
    im not installing a product on a $350 camera that says it does not garrantie the camera.

    this is y I need the official gopro housing, just want it to hurry up and get on the shelf, then get its ass across the pacific to my local dive shop.

  15. Cactus Farmer

    Ugh, want this now! The fact that the square lense will not support add on filters shouldn't be a big issue since you can proces the footage afterward and color correct then.

  16. Gunter

    There is a website that is taking pre-orders for the GoPro Underwater Housing...

    Hopefully any day now it will be announced and go on sale.

  17. David


    The blurfix looks nice, and your probably right about the filters but at $70 a piece I think only the most consummate professionals would care about glass vs plastic. The great thing about the gopro is professional quality without the super high prices.
    I'm still holding out for GoPro's own case which will probably do the job just fine.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @David - The Backscatter one you mention seems to use cheap acrylic (proprietary) filters. I think I prefer the Blurfix over that since it uses common glass threaded filters.

  19. David

    Backscatter has also made a very nice flat port case. It has a glass lens and the ability to attach color filters.
    At $120 I'd say its very overpriced.

  20. Josh

    I really home this comes out before May when I start diving again. Really not keen on buying a crappy 3rd party one.

  21. Justin

    My friend is a Rep for GoPro and he said to expect it by the end of March 2012. I already bought a Blurfix and couldn't be happier. The GoPro fix looks cool but if you're even slightly serious about video/photo, look into the Blurfix. The GoPro model has no filters that you can add to it above/below water and it's the first square lens I've ever seen so good luck finding an aftermarket one for it somewhere. The Blurfix already has a few different options for filters (ground down for no vignetting) and you can use regular 55mm camera filters with it as well (not without causing vignetting). To be completely honest, GoPro is horribly slow and behind on making accessories for their own camera. Look at and you'll find loads of fun toys for your camera that I'm betting GoPro won't be releasing any time soon.

  22. Lars

    There is no news on the gopro website, it seems that their next product rollout will be the wifi backpack and remote due to be released in April.
    I think I might just bite the bullet and buy the backscatter case+flat lens. Which is about $100 more than the supposed gopro housing+flat lens.
    But I don't want to wait a year, I dive too much.

  23. Colin

    Have there been any updates on this? GoPro is simply not replying to my email inquiry about when we should see it? Winter is almost over.... I want this bad!

  24. RaffaelloApnea

    This new Case is very interesting, the price at the moment is 59 euros.
    For the Blur fix you have to spend something like 79 euros plus you have to glue it on your case, with the result of damaging your old case...than you should buy a new case for other uses..

  25. Danny

    As this guy says at the DEMA 2011, it will be out PROBLABLY at Q1 2012... that's from January to March... ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hope they meet these deadline!!!!

  26. John

    I hope they give us the option to replace the flat lens ourselves. Looks like it uses the same enclosure.. just screws on.

    Not sure I really need more enclosures lol.. Already have 2 normal, 1 skeleton and 1 3D.

  27. Mike

    @Emm - ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, I'm sure it is. I just happened onto this website coming directly to this page from an outside referrance to the GoPro brand flat lens housing pictured above. I was impressed with the housing that the GoPro people were showing at DEMA but it looks as though we'll have to wait a while to actually see it happen. Considering what the GoPro people told me recently, I'm surprised that there is any sort of manual with this item listed in it or that anyone actually has a copy.

    I had only just learned about the Blurfix adapter in the hours before my last post and did not know just how much others knew about it. Apparently I'm rather late in learning about this. Always one of the last to know...oh well. :-\

    Last thought, given what I know now about both the Blurfix and having seen & handled the GoPro housing they are planning to come out with at some point (which is a nice low-profile unit), I would prefer the Blurfix adapter for the ability to add filters.

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - What you speak of is already on this website too httpss://

  29. Mike

    I saw this housing being shown by the GoPro people at DEMA (Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association) a few months ago (Nov 2011). They said at the time that it would available in Jan 2012 but when I wrote them recently and asked about it, they said they don't know when it will be available or even when it will be preannounced on the website.

    If you can't wait, look at the "Blurfix" by Snakeriver Prototyping, available on the web at many sites. This lens adapter allows you to use filters, has it's own desiccant and does not change the integrity of the original lens and case.

  30. Jason

    @Em - Its not a manual, CES product brochure.

    Also, they said winter 2012 for their wifi kit thats coming out and it got a February release date. I expect this to as well.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @cheetah - Here's a good test we did with stock GoPro lens and the BlurFix Flat Lens kit httpss://

  32. Joel

    @ William Haines ~ maybe GoPro is actually a subsidiary of Canon. Oh no, if that were true, it would be available 3 or 4 years from now ... lol

  33. So they'll correct a flaw in their product in almost a year? I thought small, cool companies were supposed to be able to be able to react quicker? At least that's what the Interwebs all told me.

  34. bbcgbubba

    If history is any indication, it will be six months after expected before it is announced that it is coming soon, plan on October.

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @Jayhas - Then I guess they could mean anytime soon, if you consider this still Winter of 2012 like others are saying. I don't see why it would take a year to make something so simple, but the wording used is a bit confusing. Technically though I guess Winter runs through until February? So i'm wrong, I guess it will be out by next month...

  36. Serge

    "a product that wonโ€™t be available until almost a year from now."

    Its winter in NYC 2012 right now...

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