Adobe Lightroom 4 with Video Files

Adobe's new Lightroom 4 will have the ability to make minor edits to your video files. The edits are mostly around white balance, color saturation, and exposure type settings. While most professionals might not find this handy, some corrections like pulling a blue color cast away from underwater footage might be easier through Lightroom 4. I think we'll see quite a few videos being color corrected this way. Currently in Beta, you could download it (here).

12 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom 4 with Video Files

  1. I'm using MAC OSX 10.8. LR4. Updated to 4.3
    I'm importing video and applying filters with no issues. As soon as I go to export, I'm receiving this error:


    Any fixes?

  2. osiris majestic

    So what.....I need to color correct video.....ALL FRAMES in photoshop using NIK COMPLETE COLLECTIONS. I WILL figure out a way how to do it with a macbook pro using the THUNDERBOLT PORT. CS5 allows you to do a limited number of frames. THIS PROVES ADOBE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION. oh and @dave that was a stupid thing to say. why don't you go in your corner and eat your fruit roll ups. Drink your juice box as you play patty cake with the weird juice link man.

  3. Geoff

    Cool feature, but it's almost useless unless they have a less compressed output. Would rather have the editing controls in Premiere so you could edit the footage like photo's. Photo color correction controls are more intuitive than video color correction controls.

  4. For u as designers doing video this is great, but, I will keep Davincy free edition instead or just color.

    Sorry adobe this is not as helpfull for video people

  5. Michael Scarn

    At least they are looking into video preprocessing like they have been for photos. Would be great though, if this was built into bridge instead. Maybe ability to convert to a more CC friendly format, then make my changes. Or even attach the color correction info to the clip so I can mess with it further in Premiere. Then I would finally have a reason to use Bridge!

    Its a start, and I would definitely like some more content management tools specifically for video. Warp Stabilizer option, that would be awesome! Some built in transcoding options would be cool, just import AME features into Bridge and make it a central preprocessing and management station.

  6. jarrett

    I did see a video where the lady was color correcting a group of clips at once. She was able to preview a set of clips until they all looked uniformly colored. it looked pretty handy, but that functionality should be there for people who are already cs5.5 master owners. The video said avchd was supported, though. If they wanted to make it sensible, they would integrate that functionality into bridge and while they're at it, integrate warp stabilizer in there too. that would knock a lot of time off of my pre-editing.

  7. Seems kinda dumb to make adjustments and then have to export/compress them not only once, but again when you finish editing them in a NLE editor. Seems like you're going to lose some quality. If you're not going to edit on a timeline and just want to edit a clip or two, I guess this could be useful.

  8. Tony

    Will this also be useful for correcting any green cast from inexpensive LED lights? It be cool if Adobe or some 3rd party created a "LED white balance" preset.

  9. Rabi

    I don't understand why video has to be dealt with with such a convoluted workaround. If they are going to advertise the video capabilities, couldn't they have just built them into Develop?

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