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Sean Rivers shares this excellent review on the PhotographyandCinema.com PR-1 Shoulder Rig [Thanks Sean]. The P&C PR-1 shoulder rig is bundled with a basic set of rails, clamps, Swiss Rods, extended handles, and shoulder pad for beginner shooters, but can easily be expanded with other Industry Standard 15mm accessories. The baseplate of the PR-1 was originally designed for smaller cameras, but with a Manfrotto quick release baseplate added, Sean was able to mount up his Sony FS700. You can find additional information about the P&C Prime Shoulder Rig PR-1 (click here)

Prime-15mm-DSLR Video Shoulder-Rig-PR-1
find-price-button P&C Prime Video Shoulder Rig PR-1 Bundle Kit

If the product is Out of Stock, you can also check to see if it's available via Amazon (Click Here)

prime shoulder rig 15mm rails
find-price-button P&C Prime Video Shoulder Rig PR-1 Bundle Kit - Amazon


A short while ago, I discovered a new Canon EF/EF-S Lens Adapter to Sony NEX Camera systems. It's basic function is similar to the more expensive Metabones adapter in which you can control the electronic iris of the lens natively through the Sony NEX camera body. I have confirmed that it works great on my Sony NEX-7, and here Landon has his own review and confirmation of it working great on the Sony FS700. [Thanks Landon]. As mentioned in the video review below, it's half the price and also easier to obtain than the metabones product also.

Exciting stuff, but now for a bit of even better news. Recently there's a new version of this adapter which comes with the much needed Tripod Ring adapter + AUTO FOCUS support. The auto focus is said to utilize the NEX's inherent Contrast Difference AF, and focusing speed is between Sony's LA-EA1 and LA-EA2 adapter. But would be a bit slower than original Canon AF. This latest version Auto Focus EF/EF-S lens to Sony NEX adapter can be found via eBay (Click Here).

RJ NEX Canon EF Adapter Auto Focus V2.0
find-price-button Canon EF/EF-S lens to Sony NEX Electronic Adapter with Auto Focus Support