Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony NEX Adapter on FS700

A short while ago, I discovered a new Canon EF/EF-S Lens Adapter to Sony NEX Camera systems. It's basic function is similar to the more expensive Metabones adapter in which you can control the electronic iris of the lens natively through the Sony NEX camera body. I have confirmed that it works great on my Sony NEX-7, and here Landon has his own review and confirmation of it working great on the Sony FS700. [Thanks Landon]. As mentioned in the video review below, it's half the price and also easier to obtain than the metabones product also.

Exciting stuff, but now for a bit of even better news. Recently there's a new version of this adapter which comes with the much needed Tripod Ring adapter + AUTO FOCUS support. The auto focus is said to utilize the NEX's inherent Contrast Difference AF, and focusing speed is between Sony's LA-EA1 and LA-EA2 adapter. But would be a bit slower than original Canon AF. This latest version Auto Focus EF/EF-S lens to Sony NEX adapter can be found via eBay (Click Here).

RJ NEX Canon EF Adapter Auto Focus V2.0
find-price-button Canon EF/EF-S lens to Sony NEX Electronic Adapter with Auto Focus Support

12 thoughts on “Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony NEX Adapter on FS700

  1. Jawid

    Im having a sony nex fs 700. I need a good adaptor to mount canon lenses without any problem with the iris onboard ring. Heard that the metabones are currently having problems with iris can testify this...please help

  2. Brandon

    A note to anyone looking to get this adapter. Our company has been using it for about 4 months and have just now noticed that over time the contact pins have been scratching the contact points on the lens mount. We now have 2 lenses where the aperture can no longer be controlled. We tried using them on a Mark III and we get an error making the lenses not usable till they are repaired.

    I am not sure as to why this is happening since the pins are spring-loaded so it should be making contact without damaging the mount but just a note to anyone considering this adapter

  3. john

    Are people actually using this for the AF ability or more so the aperture control?
    I'd naturally assume the AF speed wouldn't be optimized (seeing as though Sony and Canon are two opposing companies).

  4. Gene

    My big question on the new adapter is the Square hole. The Metabones V1 had the square hole and it caused the Bokeh to clip on the top and bottom on apertures less than f2.

    So Metabones came out with the round hole, which fixed the bokeh problem. I noticed that the RJ has the square hole like the original Metabones, so I am assuming that there will be Bokeh clipping under f2.

    Can this be verified?

  5. Carlos D

    Thanks everyone I purchased the RJ adapter for my FS700 and I'll report back on how I like it and how long it takes to get here.

    Thanks for the video Landon!

  6. J Toha

    I've got the RJ's adapter with the AF capability. These are my findings so far:

    - Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8
    Autofocus works silently, and it hunts a bit everytime I half-press shutter, but focus is generally accurate. IS seems to work well too. Good engineering work from RJ.

    - Sigma 20mm f1.8
    Autofocus works noisily (prob due to lens), and when the screen turns green to indicate focus, I pressed shutter button. Focus is inaccurate. I'm not sure if this is because lens needs calibration or it's a compatibility issue.

    - Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
    AF hunts from minimum focus to infinity but screen never turns green. Cannot focus.

    - Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro
    Exactly same issue as Tokina 11-16mm f2.8

    I emailed to RJ about this as well and he explained that some 3rd party lenses have different AF protocols than the Canon ones, hence the incompatibility. Adjusting aperture electronically works across the lenses above.

    So the current AF function benefits owners of Canon lenses more than owners of 3rd party Canon-mount lenses.

  7. Josh: There are two versions now. The one I have is still $240. The new one with the tripod mount and the autofocus is about $300. Basically you're choosing whether or not to pay for the extras with the $300 version.

    And I was referring mainly to Metabones wait list (and their product having been difficult to get hold of), not their customer service.

  8. Carlos D

    I'm looking to purchase either this or the metabones today - wondering what everybody's experience with shipping times for either company has been?

  9. Interesting. Good to know that there are some other nice adapters coming out. Personally, I have the Metabones for my FS700. I know the video says it's $240 but it looks like it's $300 now on eBay.

    I have to disagree with the Landon's comments about Metabones being impossible to get ahold of. They've always responded immediately to my e-mails. I contacted them because my Sigma 30mm 1.4 was having issues on the Metabones adapter and they sent me an adapter with updated firmware extremely quickly, all the way from Hong Kong.

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