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FilmCity Follow Focus X1

Anyone got input on the new FilmCity X1 Follow Focus? It's another budget follow focus starting around only $90 bucks. The X1 mounts to standard 15mm rails, includes a lens gear and whip, looks to be reversible, and also looks like the indicator can be adjusted (not sure). Claims to be an all metal build (except for marking disc and knob). What's up with the blue accent colors? eBay has got all the details and other images (click here).

Film city Filmcity X1 follow focus
find-price-button FilmCity Follow Focus X1 w Whip Lens Gear



The cheap Speed Crank came in the other day. It's a perfect fit on the Gini iFocus Follow Focus which is pretty standard 12x12, so it would work well on other FFs too. It does have a retro '1980's PacMan Arcade Joystick Red' color, but can easily be coated. The Red knob actually screws off if you wanted to mount something else, like say Dice or a Skull. LOL. The rest of the unit is all black anodized aluminum, not cheap plastic. For the price, i'm not complaining, quite happy actually. You can push or pull the FF with a single finger, and feels like there's a bit more control. I guess it's just more leverage with a longer lever.

find-price-button 12x12 Follow Focus Speed Crank Lever

find-price-button Gini Rigs Follow Focus Shoulder Rigs DSLR Cages

If you need to have your hands further from a Follow Focus, there are a number of whips available now too. These whips vary in lengths from short to very long, and are slightly flexible so that you can turn the follow focus from different positions around the camera. Helpful for someone who's managing a shoulder rig alone, or if you have someone pulling focus for you.
find-price-button Flexible Follow Focus Whip