FilmCity Follow Focus X1 w Whip and Lens Gear

FilmCity Follow Focus X1

Anyone got input on the new FilmCity X1 Follow Focus? It's another budget follow focus starting around only $90 bucks. The X1 mounts to standard 15mm rails, includes a lens gear and whip, looks to be reversible, and also looks like the indicator can be adjusted (not sure). Claims to be an all metal build (except for marking disc and knob). What's up with the blue accent colors? eBay has got all the details and other images (click here).

Film city Filmcity X1 follow focus
find-price-button FilmCity Follow Focus X1 w Whip Lens Gear

13 thoughts on “FilmCity Follow Focus X1 w Whip and Lens Gear

  1. I bought this Follow Focus and it's very solid. It was a very tight fit on my rails, but it works very well. They had a "make an offer" option when I purchased it and I offered $75 which they accepted (brought it down to $100 shipped). I only have one camera for video, so I'll borrow one from a friend to shoot some footage of it for a mini-review.

  2. Emm introduced me to here, so a year ago I bought their d|focus follow focus, which I love. Zero lash. I also bought their baseplate (goes from under camera to 15mm rails). On my 2nd body I'm going to do the same.

  3. I recently bought the Gini ifocus - $149 plus $50 shipping - $200 all in - It's absolutely flawless - no give - no backlash and I think it has a new lens gear mounting screw which enables easy swapping of the pitch gear - (I'm using small metal bulldog clips for hardtops! lol!) - it works good enough 🙂
    If you are in doubt then yeh ... wait someone will bound to buy one - but If you want quality and build and longevity then get the new version of the ifocus - I was SO impressed.
    Also picked up a $20 crank and they also sell $30 whips - So for $250 you have a solid system - pretty amazing.

  4. JSS

    The cheap price makes it tempting but I don't think it's cheap enough to risk a purchase. I would love to have a nice follow focus but with really high prices and the fact you need to also buy a set of rails to mount the thing it's just not in the budget.

    On another note anyone have some experience with the Ikan Friction Focus. Seems like a nice alternative without needing a rail system.

  5. Neil

    Honestly, I wouldn't go near this product. It's basically Cinecity or Proaim and having seen a friend's 15mm bridge plate recently that was from the same company, no thanks! After just a couple of uses the bridge plate snapped in two as a result of extremely cheap and flimsy metalwork - my friend very nearly had his camera and lens smash on concrete if not for his quick-grabbing ninja skills.

    I would never buy anything from this company if I was wanting any combination of reliability, build quality, strength or precision.

    $90 is a crazy low price and there's a very good reason for it - cheap garbage.

  6. Jordan M

    It genuinely concerns me that they are also the sellers of that really crappy matte box. $90 is actually a lot to spend on a crappy product, as tantalizing as it sounds to get such a cheap FF.

    I'd love to hear from someone who has one for sure.

  7. terry

    There is a $49.00 shipping charge with no returns? It also say that the buyers has to clear the package through customs. Sounds like a lot more than $99.00 in the long run.

  8. DaveT

    The blue is so that people will think you spent $600 on a Redrock Micro product.

    I'd be curious to know how sloppy the gear box is. At that price it's risky. It looks fine in the pictures though.

  9. Barry Sanders

    It's not actually $90. It's basically $125. Other than being a different brand and coming with a whip, this is just okay.

  10. chriswatts

    I keep seeing these affordable follow focuses and am interested but can't afford a simple baseplate 15mm rails set up to put one on!

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