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Excited about the new Canon 5D Mark III announcements? It's been rumored all over the web that they may have an official statement by end of the week - possibly this Friday. Although I might be excited about better video quality, I have to admit there's a part of me that already knows this new camera will still have it's limitations around video. Canon makes no secrets about purposely limiting their DSLR line of cameras so that it doesn't cannibalize their true high end video line.

Still waiting for this final camera to be released from Canon, i'm on hold about the FS100. Once I know the specs on the Canon 5D Mark III, i'll have a better idea on which direction i'll be going for the next year. With Canon's EF or EF-S lenses, aperture needs to be controlled electronically. Having invested in so many Canon EF lenses, if you wanted to adapt it to the MFT cameras, you could use something like the RedRock Live Lens adapter (seen here).

Sony FS100 Super35 Camcorder
find-price-button NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder

One solution to using Canon EF lenses on a Sony E-Mount is the Metabones adapter. This adapter translates the controls in a Sony camera to communicate with a Canon lens. The first release of this adapter had issues with cameras like the Sony NEX-7, so I held off until things got squared away. The latest firmware version 2.0 in the adapter now supports the NEX-7 so you'll be able to control the aperture values in the lens direct from the camera. It's a rare piece right now, and are constantly out of stock over at their website (found here).

If you're trying to adapt lenses to a smaller Micro Four Thirds or Sony E-Mount there are cheaper Fotodiox Adapters (like these), but you might also want to consider the slightly more expensive Metabones, as they make some great quality adapters to fit Nikon, Canon, Leica lenses, etc. (click here).

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  2. Thanks for the sincerity. I shoot mostly video. The FS700 is looking very nice, but the Mark iii with less noise at higher iso justifies it for me for now. This is me coming from the 60D.

    I appreciate the feedback.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Danny schmidt - Yes I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark III. Love the camera, and it's quite amazing. Hard to go back to shooting with the Mark II after seeing what you can achieve with a Mark III.

    A long time ago when it was just about still images, Canon was always leading the way in megapixels, quality, and price. Fuji was using NIkon bodies with their honeycomb sensor, Kodak wasn't that great or too expensive, and Nikon was always one step behind Canon in pricing and features. Lenses are a huge investment and will stay with you longer than camera bodies. I stuck with Canon just because they were innovative. I still have Canon lenses that I bought more than 8 years ago and are still highly valued today. Lenses don't lose as much value as Camera bodies.

    If you're doing just still photography, Nikon has always been strong in that market. If you're doing both Video and Stills, Canon has a strong hold right now, but I see them slowly slipping to Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon.

  4. Emm,

    Do you currently shoot with the Mark iii?

    I'm in the market. Did Canon lenses influence your choice?

    Photography? I'm referring to your workhorse.


  5. charies

    I bought an adapter for my sony FS100 and have some problems.
    One of my lens, a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 not work with this adapter.
    When I turn on the camera the lens open and close the iris all the time. I wrote to metabones and asked about my problem.
    I turn back the adapter and they shipping another one, but it has the same problem again.
    Before I purchase the adapter, I asked to them if my lenses, a cano n 24-70 f2.8 and my Sigma 70-200 f2.8 work with this adapter, and they told me that it will be compatible. But it was not.
    Today I will wrote again, but not one answer to me.
    The worst of this, I had to pay the taxes two times.
    Becarefull with this adapters, I lose 400 U$ plus the taxes and shipping.
    Sorry my little english.

  6. Ali

    @Jeremiah how did you get the Metabone adapter so quick every time I look at their website they are out of stock.

  7. Well guys I just got this camera, Atomos Ninja and the infamous Metabones adapter. It all came in this week and just have done the table top test so far, I have a test shoot setup for Saturday and leave to GA monday. We have three of these cameras for this shoot, and 30 gopros to try to do a bullet-time effects. But so far the camerea works great with the Metabone, tiny bit noisy when it change the aperture with clicks, so be aware of that when filming important audio, but that is minor consider you get use all your canon lens.

  8. Paul

    Anybody that has used a Sony Camcorder from the FX/Z1U forward to the EX-1 etc will be right at home with the FS-100 controls, anybody that has been shooting DSLR's for the wonderful film quality that good lenes can give will also feel at home. A single 77mm rotating ND filter and step down adapters on the lens makes you not miss the two or 3 internal ND settings built into most ENG style cameras. This is an amazing creative tool that can also make you money on jobs from music video, documentary and weddings and beyond. Emm I think your suspicions are correct regarding how Canon will hold back the good stuff on the 5 D since they need to sell more $15,000 cameras. This thing is a bargin for what you get.

  9. Hi Paul, I'm so close to following you. I know even Phillip Bloom says the FS-100 is a little "fiddlely" to use but I can stand a little fiddle to have on board audio, capture times limited by "total" memory not file size, little moire, little aliasing, no over heating, 8 hours of run-time (NPF 970), usable footage at +30db(but yes we do light things), a shallow flange depth allowing just about any lens to be adapted, and all the little things that have historically been part of the video camcorder world like zebras, peaking, audio controls. I guess that's enough salivating, sorry for the Pavlovian response.


  10. Paul

    I took the plunge and I am the owner of an AMAZING FS100, the sensor is amazing- DSLR artifacts are history and a sensor that can look deep into shadows and no "Jellyvision" is a joy to behold, The 60D will still get use for certain jobs but it is the "B" camera for others. REAL AUDIO MONITORING is like a breath of fresh air- I am using some wonderful old FD glass and even using the stock lens (yes they say it is slow but with the ability to push the gain way beyond what my Canon can do- it really is just fine- even with the gain WAY up the grain looks a lot less electronic and more film like). I can only wonder when Metabones will starting having some inventory again but the demand is just building so I am sure it will be short lived. I sure would like to see some of my "L" EF glass on this thing so I hope it happens soon.

  11. Hi Emm,

    That's funny, I am on lusting for the FS-100 as well. For all the same reasons. I have my 7D and 60D which covers me for stills and Canon video but having moved so far to the video side I need the capabilities that a true camcorder offers and the FS-100 seems to be the best bang for the buck. The new Metabones adapter seems like a very clean way to use Canon glass on the Sony mount. As the reviewer above says, it appears the metabones makes the CanonEF/Sony a real package since we typically don't use auto focus anyway. All that said there seems to be rumor of a possible upgrade to the FS-100 to be announced somewhere between here and NAB. Have you heard anything to this effect? I know there is a firmware update coming for the FS-100 but if there is a true upgrade model with something like ND filters on board that could possibly be worth waiting a little longer.


  12. got to see a fs100 up close at the last philip bloom seminar and fell in love with it, but at $5,000 its a little out of my reach...for now. I started on a sony (vx2100) and so its a brand i'm familiar with and really like, just need to get a few wedding films under my belt to save up and afford it.

  13. MN

    This is why half my lenses for shooting video on DSLR's are old Nikon lenses.

    Never quite understood the desire for glass without an iris ring on "professional" equipment. (yes, those are ironic finger quotes in typed form)

    Bloody Japanese making everything with automation...bah humbug.

  14. aaron

    5dmkiii sounds interesting but almost indefinitely going to get a better picture out of a super35, plus you canon isn't going to put pro audio on a DSLR. I do wonder how the 5dmkiii will stack up against the D800.

    the meta bones adapter seems pretty legit though. (once it's back in stock). Seems much better than the non-existent clunky birger or the "dumb" novaflex.

  15. The FS100 is fantastic. It is a little beyond my reach right now, so I went for the VG20 (the FS100's little sibling) and absolutely love it. Did a piece for China television last weekend using the VG20 and had my NEX-7 on top with a wide angle. Shooting two perspectives at once.

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