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cotton_carrier_camera_vestMulti Camera Carrier Harness Holster

Here's some news you can use. On the left, you see the Cotton Carrier Camera Harness that runs about $189 dollars. On the right you see Opteka's new copied design throwing it out there for under $30 bucks + Free Shipping. Interesting that they would go after this market as I have no clue who would ever use these things. I've never been a fan of these these marsupial looking vests, instead I still like the more Macho looking dual gun slinging style. At such a price difference, It sure doesn't sound like it's up to par with the quality of Cotton Carrier.

find-price-button Cotton Carrier Camera Vest w/ Side Holster - New Release!

Multi Camera Carrier Harness Holster
find-price-button Opteka Dual Camera Harness Vest System


Cotton Carrier Vest

Cotton Carrier handles your DSLR like a BABYBJĂ–RN Baby Carrier. Fitting as many of us consider our cameras as such. The Cotton Carrier Vest system has been around for quite some time as an option for photographers to carry their cameras 'hands free'. At some point Cotton figured these DSLRs shoot video and created an adapter to position the camera in front of the operator. It can also support a fluid head like the 701HDV. Looks like they are also rockin' a Varavon view finder as an example in one of the photos.

Camera Cotton CarrierScreen shot 2011-09-11 at 10.45.51 AM

The problem is that this little 'Steady Shot' adapter bracket requires an existing Cotton Carrier vest system (found here). Add in the very expensive MSRP price of the bracket for $259, and the combined solution to hold your camera hands-free may not fair well with the masses.

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 10.37.22 AM
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