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cotton_carrier_camera_vestMulti Camera Carrier Harness Holster

Here's some news you can use. On the left, you see the Cotton Carrier Camera Harness that runs about $189 dollars. On the right you see Opteka's new copied design throwing it out there for under $30 bucks + Free Shipping. Interesting that they would go after this market as I have no clue who would ever use these things. I've never been a fan of these these marsupial looking vests, instead I still like the more Macho looking dual gun slinging style. At such a price difference, It sure doesn't sound like it's up to par with the quality of Cotton Carrier.

find-price-button Cotton Carrier Camera Vest w/ Side Holster - New Release!

Multi Camera Carrier Harness Holster
find-price-button Opteka Dual Camera Harness Vest System