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Wow, just caught a comment about the new Z96 DSLR Video lights being sold on eBay. Right now they are using my video review on their Z96 Video Light auctions! (you can see it on the top right of the image above). Very cool! Normally I worry about my reviews being used on certain items, but for this particular one i'm really honored to be recognized along with. It's such a great product and price which equals huge savings for such an important tool in the DSLR bag. I'm going to order three more to create a 4x4 panel and grab some additional Eneloop batteries.

I really put mine to a test this weekend when shooting for a wedding and I could not be more happy. Though it was daylight, I found myself constantly using the Z96 LED light the entire day to add additional fill inside these dim lit hotel rooms. Now it makes total sense why people are looking to use these LED lights off camera. You might have heard me say I never used the older 126 LED light at full power because it was quite offending and the spotlight effect is very direct. I kept the diffuser on the Z96 which diffuses really well and isn't as offensive and ran it full power most of the day for use as fill light. My Eneloops ran all day all night no problems throughout the whole event. The new Z96 LED is not only powerful, but power efficient. Although the Z96 LED video light can adapt other power sources such as Sony or Panasonic camcorder batteries, I suggest you go with the Eneloop AA's to keep the unit very small and compact instead of a big rock hanging off the back. For external long duration use, the Z96 even has a DC input to plug into the wall, Crazy! (wall adapter not included).

There were photographers on site also who were really impressed with the Z96 LED light, they kept asking me where to buy it and looked pretty stunned when I mentioned the price. I guess they don't read Cheesycam for the cheap deals we find and share. The photographers used as much natural lighting as possible, but when they saw how we were using the Z96 as a fill light to balance exposure from the backlighting, and also used it as a 'catch light' in the eyes of the bride during close ups, the photographers were all over it! We also use the LED lights hovering over the brides jewelry when doing close close macro shots. The extra lighting gives an awesome sparkle to rings and provides a white reflection in the silver. I had absolutely no problems with this light. Feels very very solid, the position on the adjustable neck held strong (which was important as we waved the camera around over a wild dancing crowd). I threw this light into my bags as we moved from location to location without worry of cracking or breaking anything. It's again, really solid.

As demand grows, and as popularity follows on the new Z96 LED video lights, prices are always subject to change. I have no doubt that this will be the most common Video light for any event videographer DSLR or not, and I think it's very cool that they considered using my video review. Awesome.....

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